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Ricoh color management experts won the G7 expert certification qualification

recently, the color management experts of Ricoh (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ricoh, the simple alternating stress makes the two sides of the crack sometimes open and sometimes close) successfully passed the G7 expert certification organized by the American Printing Industry Authority International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IED alliance). Ricoh has thus become one of the few G7 experts in the field of digital printing in China, and has the qualification to guide G7 certification applicants in the field of offset printing and digital printing

g7 is a new concept of printing process control technology, which also provides more choices. It mainly aims at the application of digital printing process and computer direct plate making printing process, which can more simply and effectively realize ISO printing standard, more accurately reproduce gray balance, more effectively ensure the stability of printing quality under different printing conditions, and greatly improve the quality of printing. Once launched, this technology has been widely recognized and applied in developed printing regions such as Europe, America and Japan. G of G7 refers to the correction technique based on gray balance, and 7 refers to the requirements of seven ISO printing main colors

G7 experts are experts in the field of color management, process and quality control of proofing and printing equipment. Obtaining this certification means that the relevant problems of color and printing can be comprehensively analyzed, and the system and process control can be effectively integrated into a set of methods, standards or specifications with repeatable and predictable results. At present, G7 certification has become one of the most authoritative professional certifications in the printing industry, and Chinese printing enterprises have more and more demand for this certification

this time Ricoh color experts obtained the G7 expert certification qualification, which not only reflects the professionalism and industry authority of Ricoh in synchronization with international advanced technology, but also will help more Chinese printing enterprises achieve professional color printing level through G7 process technology, integrate with international standards, and open up a broader overseas market. The international professional certification realizes the implementation of standardization, which helps Ricoh users greatly improve the stability of product quality while reducing labor costs, thereby improving the final economic benefits

Ricoh has always been thinking and acting from the standpoint of customers to meet its own needs and even the needs of the world, and constantly make new contributions to users and create greater value through innovative technologies and solutions. Since its establishment in 1936, Ricoh has always adhered to the perspective of users, and through continuous creation of scaled composite, the company will actively carry out ground and flight tests in Mojave air force and spaceport to create new values (goods and services) and actively explore new markets. Ricoh is also committed to promoting technological innovation, thereby expanding domestic and foreign markets. With new ideas and technologies as the main source of research and development, its cutting-edge technical solutions are widely recognized in the industry. Ricoh's color experts have always paid attention to the latest research results of global printing, tracking, learning and practicing the control methods proposed in the G7 process specification at the beginning of the launch of G7 process. It fully shows that Ricoh is technically capable of helping printing enterprises realize G7 process. Make contributions to the improvement of customer productivity and knowledge creation anytime and anywhere

it is worth mentioning that Ricoh proc901 series, proc751, proc751ex and proc651ex products of Ricoh have also passed the certification of IDE alliance digital press system, which shows that Ricoh's color quality control ability has reached the level of synchronization with international advanced printing technology, providing a strong guarantee for expanding new printing business and improving the international competitiveness of digital printing, And can comprehensively respond to the needs of digital printing customers for business printing

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