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Rimini street is certified as a primary supplier in the field of application support outsourcing in Israel. Stki, a leading market analysis company, regards the company as the fastest-growing it supplier in Israel. Rimini street, Inc. is a global enterprise software service provider and a leading independent support provider for Oracle and SAP products, The company today announced that stki, Israel's leading market analysis company, has certified it as a tier 1 supplier in the field of application support outsourcing. In addition, the company is also considered to be the fastest-growing it supplier in the market. Rimini Street's strong growth and development momentum in the region comes from the unique first-class software support of Oracle and SAP license holders. Please immediately help eliminate the high demand for maintenance or contact our company's services. Stki issued a certificate to Rimini street at its 2017 stki summit. Rimini street is the only enterprise software support provider of Oracle and SAP products with this certificate

Dr. Jimmy schwarzkoph, stki researcher and executive partner, said: since Rimini street first entered the Israeli market two years ago, we have been tracking and understanding this company, and the speed at which Israeli organizations choose to adopt independent software support mode to replace supplier support is impressive. The size, growth rate, value proposition, product launch strategy and management team of the company are all factors that we consider when reviewing the certification of primary suppliers and show the photoluminescence effect and optical limiting effect with adjustable band. Rimini Street scores high in all aspects. Chief information officers and it leaders who make large-scale investments in stable enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and seek the best interests should consider switching to Rimini street to provide support services

Jack Oster, general manager of Rimini Street Israel and Eastern Europe, said: we are honored to be certified by stki as a first-class supplier in the field of application support outsourcing in the Israeli market; This recognition demonstrates our passion and commitment to provide ultra fast response services for the organization's mission critical core ERP. We will continue to see the demand of C-suite executives and it leaders in this dynamic region for universal testing machine to regulate such support services through different speed levels, because the challenges they face include optimizing their IT spending, while striving to shift investment to more strategic plans to help business expansion and gain competitive advantage

rimini Street concrete pressure testing machine measures and judges the performance parameters of concrete according to the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete". In 2015, the Tel Aviv office was opened. Now it provides services to more than 80 global enterprises operating in Israel and Eastern Europe, including 5 of the 10 largest Israeli companies in the region

about stki

stki was founded in 1992. It is a leading market research and strategic analysis company in Israel, and its business covers it infrastructure, applications and services. Customers include major organizations in the fields of government, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, medical treatment and education. The mission of the company is to provide advice and analysis to information technology users and their suppliers, carry out original research and provide consulting services on all aspects of information system problems

about Rimini street, Inc.

Rimini street is a global leader in providing independent enterprise software support services. Since 2005, the company has redefined enterprise support services with its award-winning innovative service program, which enables authorized license holding enterprises of Oracle, sap, IBM, Microsoft and other enterprise software suppliers to save up to 90% of the total support costs. Customers can continue to use their existing software versions for at least 15 years without any upgrade. Nearly 1300 global organizations, Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized enterprises, utilities and other institutions in all walks of life now rely on Rimini street as their trusted independent support provider

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