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Taking the intelligent application express, Youzhong shares took the brand road of pump quality manufacturing

under the general trend of the gradual integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, Youzhong new energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. skillfully took the lead, focused on the intelligent application of pumps, and created outstanding advantages in the market through quality persistence and technological innovation

under the general trend of interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and the gradual integration of the real economy, Youzhong new energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. skillfully takes the lead, focuses on the intelligent application of water pumps, and creates outstanding advantages in the market through quality persistence and technological innovation

take the intelligent application express Youzhong shares out of the water pump quality brand road

with the gradual integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing has ushered in new historical opportunities. Integrating scientific research, production and technology application, Youzhong new energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Youzhong") takes technological innovation as the core, takes the express of intelligent application, and shines brightly in the field of water pump R & D and production

after more than ten years of word-of-mouth, Youzhong shares' repeated success is behind its dedication and dedication to craftsmanship. In the context of the new normal of the economy, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry can achieve rapid development with the environmental protection industry only if it enters the development atmosphere of market driven, focusing on quality, brand building and internal and external repair. Therefore, in the process of growth, Youzhong has always kept in mind that technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises, and created outstanding advantages in the market through quality and technology

taking the R & D and production of water pumps as the starting point, Youzhong shares explored intelligent applications in depth. Conforming to the general trend of global new energy development, Youzhong Co., Ltd. combines photovoltaic technology with water conservancy system application solutions to realize independent intelligent constant pressure water supply and unify energy conservation and ecological protection. According to whether the sample has prefabricated cracks, it can be divided into: before the routine fatigue test and fatigue crack expansion test, Youzhong has mastered high-performance frequency conversion vector control, photovoltaic MPPT technology and many other technologies. At the same time, Youzhong has obtained a number of software works and invention patents, providing a powerful engine for the improvement and development of water pumps

pursuing quality manufacturing, Youzhong keeps improving every product. Among them, marason pump inverter not only firmly builds excellent quality with intelligent functions such as LCD touch operation and man-machine dialogue, but also makes the products unique with a streamlined and smooth design sense. In addition, the features of one machine dual-use, one key conversion permanent magnet synchronization and one key on-line multi pump linkage not only simplify the operation, but also ensure the reliability of the system

R & D and design are the core and soul of products. Youzhong shares pursues the functionality and artistry of products. Excelling in grasping the details of products, Youzhong shares adapted to the trend of creating a quality life while launching products. Compared with ordinary water pumps, the special frequency converter for water pumps with 2 or 6 corners at the clamping end developed and produced by Youyao and Agricultural Products Group Co., Ltd. can reduce the noise by more than 40 dB, and the low power consumption mode can reduce the energy consumption by%. Therefore, whether it is from the simple and generous shape design, comfortable and quiet experience, the environmental protection concept of energy saving and consumption reduction, or the intelligent and automatic materials, in addition to the often done bending experiment humanized operation, Youzhong Co., Ltd. has customized a set of high-quality services for customers

more than ten years of experience in frequency converter design and manufacturing has provided Youzhong with good quality management and manufacturing capabilities, and also laid a solid foundation of trust for customers. Adhering to the business philosophy of "pragmatism, innovation, cooperation and responsibility", Youzhong Co., Ltd. actively introduces advanced experimental, testing and production equipment, devotes itself to the continuous innovation of pump technology and products, and has met almost stringent requirements and standards in technology, process and manufacturing

in addition, for the selection of raw materials, Youzhong has always adhered to the original imported components. At present, Youzhong has formed strategic cooperation with well-known enterprises such as German Peter, American Ti, Japanese Nidec, German Infineon, Japanese TDK, American fairy boy, etc., further improving the reliability of products and technologies

from simple manufacturing applications to comprehensive intelligence, Youzhong shares revealed the strength of industrial transformation and upgrading. With insight into the development trend of intelligent pump product design at home and abroad, Youzhong Co., Ltd. has gathered a sophisticated R & D team, set up a number of R & D center institutions, and launched a number of popular products such as permanent magnet frequency conversion and photovoltaic water lifting frequency conversion products with a professional talent team as the vitality of enterprise innovation

thanks to the preferential policies of the government and the continuous drive of the market, Youzhong shares firmly grasp the market opportunity. With the strong support of the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Guangdong Provincial Energy Conservation Center, Youzhong stock has lived up to expectations, It has established an energy strategic partnership with the "energy saving action of thousands of enterprises" enterprises in Guangdong Province. On the basis of accumulating more abundant experience in water supply energy-saving engineering projects, product development and application, and customer resources, it is believed that Youzhong shares will explore more mature applications in the fields of pump manufacturing and environmental governance through IOT, cloud computing, big data, etc

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