The hottest rigid package is transparent and fast

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Rigid packaging: transparent, fast

transparent, attracting customers

transparency has always been the development trend of extrusion/blow molding rigid packaging containers for food and beer, and it is also the reason why the demand for pet continues to grow at a rate of 8%. However, pet has gone from a relatively high profit and high growth industry such as beer bottle use to a more mature use such as the packaging of household detergent. Suppliers of competing materials such as PP and PE are developing more suitable materials to avoid the threat of pet

it is said that many major suppliers are developing PE with higher transparency level. PE is cheap. Although it is not known what the price of transparency level will be, transparent PE can enable processing manufacturers to use the extrusion blow molding and injection molding equipment they already have, rather than adjust to pet

of course, polyolefins continue to be used to make all kinds of new packaging. Only last September, the Folgers coffee Department of P G (Cincinnati, Ohio) began to market its 39 ounce typical roasted coffee, which is the company's most popular size and most popular coffee beans. It is packaged in blow molded high-density PE containers. The company wants to replace all their coffee packaging from metal cans with plastic packaging. Gerry Boyce, the managing director of liquid container/P, said that the plastic can was processed by laxico (West Chicago, Illinois), with an extruded cover directly fixed on it made by Erie plastics (Corey, Pennsylvania)

according to Thomas Reiner, President of Bernd partner packaging consultants (Berlin, Germany), the pressure faced by processing enterprises is increasing. What is worse is that affiliated processing manufacturers produce a lot of rigid packaging, while end users have been merging and there are more and more suppliers

processing manufacturers should also show more flexibility and provide packaging in different shapes, because end users such as shampoo manufacturers have positioned their products to meet the more needs of customers. Although there was once only a simple distinction between children's shampoo and ordinary shampoo, now there are products that can actually face every possible customer, Reiner explained

quick listing to grab selling points

in order to help the development of conventional packaging and help it develop from the preliminary design stage to commercial application, fast will always be a very important selling point for processing manufacturers. Large processing manufacturers, such as RPC Bramlage (Lorna, Germany), use their quickness to convince customers that they are commensurate with the business that their experimental data can be stored in text mode, and the inner diameter of seamless steel pipes is greater than 30mm. Their customers include the cosmetics manufacturer Schwarzkopf Henkel, which requires RPC to design and produce an ordinary wide mouth bottle to package their hair care products. The processing manufacturer took out the product within 13 weeks. These 200 ml wide mouth bottles are double-layer injection molded, with blue PS on the outer wall and transparent PP on the inner wall. The front, back and cover of the label are also added by the processing manufacturer

packaging barrels are growing rapidly

there are stricter control measures for packaging barrels, especially the transportation of chemicals and waste. According to the market research of the Freedonia group (Cleveland, Ohio), this part will promote the demand for value-added packaging. It predicts that the demand for rigid medium barrels (IBC) will increase by 7% in the next few years

because few processing manufacturers have the ability to expand the market for collecting, cleaning and re transporting these containers, some of the growth in demand will be offset by the increasing reusability of packaging, and some will show a downward trend

in addition to IBCs, plastic packaging will continue to occupy the market share of other competing packaging. An example is reusable plastic containers (RPCs), which are rapidly occupying the market share of corrugated products and wood products used for the transportation of fresh agricultural products. The biggest supporter of RPCs is American retail giant Wal Mart

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