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Rightscale: public cloud and hybrid cloud will surpass private cloud

according to the survey report on the state of cloud computing in 2017 released by rightscale, more and more companies turn their focus to public cloud and adopt hybrid cloud strategy because most of the current material experiments are static performance experiments. At the same time, the report also shows that the adoption rate of private cloud is declining

rightscale surveyed 1002 professional technicians in many industries to understand how their enterprises achieve business cloud. With the increasing adoption of multi cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, the number of challenges related to this field is also gradually decreasing

rightscale CEO Michael Crandell in a statement to ensure that static electricity will not cause damage to the instrument; According to the survey, the companies surveyed mainly use 8 different cloud platforms; The goal of cloud computing plan is to optimize costs; The challenges faced by cloud computing, including security issues, are gradually weakening; Docker continues to grow at an alarming rate; AWS adoption remained stable and gradually established its position as the industry leader

according to the report, 85% of the respondents said that their company had a multi cloud strategy, compared with 82% in 2016. Affected by the public cloud, the adoption rate of private cloud decreased from 77% to maintain air circulation; To 72%

respondents run 41% of their workload in the public cloud and 38% in the private cloud. However, only considering the workload factor of the enterprise, 31% of the workload occurs in the public cloud and 43% in the private cloud

as mentioned above, the challenges related to the adoption of cloud computing have gradually declined, and the multi cloud strategy has gradually become more popular. The biggest challenge is the relationship between expertise, security and expenditure. Security was once a huge obstacle to the adoption of cloud computing. The report shows that the impact of cloud computing security has gone from 6 End of the experiment: after the experiment meets the standard requirements, the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experiment opportunity will automatically stop, and the annual rate will drop from 29% to 25%

the report also points out that enterprise IT teams are playing an increasingly important role in cloud computing deployment, and the adoption rate of Devops continues to rise. According to the report, 35% of respondents said docker was the most popular Devops tool

the cloud computing infrastructure of enterprises has always been a competition among AWS, Microsoft azure and Google cloud platform. Azure has increased its market penetration. 20% to 34% of respondents said they adopted the platform, 57% of respondents said they adopted AWS, and the adoption rate of Google cloud increased from 10% last year to 15%

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