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Ruijie riil realizes "three platforms" innovative operation and maintenance

with the rapid development of hospital informatization, the information system is becoming increasingly large. How to build an electronic, standardized and procedural multi-dimensional comprehensive management system covering the whole hospital, effectively deal with the heavy operation and maintenance work of the information Department, and cooperate with the clinical department has become a problem that all hospitals have to face

based on ITIL's operation and maintenance management mode, Kunming Third People's Hospital deploys business resource supervision platform, it operation and maintenance service platform and refined management platform, realizes centralized supervision of basic hospital resources, establishes a standardized operation and maintenance service system, greatly shortens the response time of operation and maintenance personnel, quantifies employee performance appraisal, and comprehensively improves the unity and cooperation ability and operation management level of the information department

the upgrading of hospital IT management is imminent

Kunming Third People's Hospital

Kunming Third People's hospital is the only class III class A infectious disease specialized hospital in Yunnan Province that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases such as liver disease, AIDS and tuberculosis, and integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and community health services. In recent years, according to the business needs and development planning of the hospital, the information system construction has initially formed a hospital management information system based on patient cost management, with electronic medical records as the main line and logistics as the center. By integrating the existing information resources and adopting the information management mode of "three places and one center", the information unified management and resource sharing of multiple hospitals and districts are realized. However, the expanding scale of the information system and the increasingly heavy demand for operation and maintenance have become the problems that have to be solved in front of the hospital. It is reflected in the following aspects:

1. As a service provider of medical informatization, facing the growing business demand, it has high requirements for the stability and reliability of the network and system, and the investment and increase of a large number of software and hardware have also led to the increase in the difficulty of operation and maintenance management and the increasing work pressure of the information department

take the core equipment patrol inspection as an example. The traditional manual patrol inspection obtains the equipment status parameters by manually executing the command line to judge whether the equipment has abnormal risk. According to the operation and maintenance management system of the information department, the core equipment needs to be inspected once a day. For the operation and maintenance personnel, due to the increasing number of core equipment, the workload of equipment inspection increases, and the professional requirements for equipment inspection increase. According to the current staffing of the Department, it is difficult to complete the requirements of equipment inspection

2. The operation and maintenance of the hospital business system needs to effectively monitor the overall operation of the application system and find potential problems in time, while the traditional mode leads to the operation and maintenance work always in a passive state; Rapid response to the demands of business departments, while the service request processing is in a passive mode like a fire brigade

take the warning and reminder of business status as an example. At present, the operation and maintenance mode is requested by the clinical department to explain the fault phenomenon, and the operation and maintenance personnel find the cause and solve the fault on site. Operation and maintenance personnel are like firefighters, belonging to passive operation and maintenance management. It is necessary to establish an automatic business early warning system, actively monitor the operation status of the business and its resources, timely notify the relevant responsible personnel after finding hidden troubles, and actively operate and maintain to ensure the stable operation of the business

3. The knowledge update of operation and maintenance personnel can not keep up with the development of IT technology, but the construction of corresponding operation and maintenance system is relatively lagging behind

4. The control of the operation and maintenance process is not clear, the management, completion and implementation progress of the service are lack of real-time monitoring, the feedback and processing are slow, and the cooperation efficiency is low

5. Lack of systematic and scientific analysis means, it is difficult to extract valuable information for management, it is difficult to objectively evaluate employee performance, and the management level is limited

take personnel performance management as an example. At present, the management of information department depends on leadership management ability. The work arrangement and status of personnel are mainly judged based on the daily work performance of operation and maintenance personnel. However, it is impossible to quantify the work content and form a competition mechanism for the content of the information department, so as to avoid the situation of doing more and less, and doing better and doing worse. Through the analysis of operation and maintenance data, provide the data basis for the management of the information department, so as to find the hidden dangers in the operation and maintenance management

three platforms innovative operation and maintenance, it service management so easy

in the face of challenges, the third people's Hospital deployed ruijieluo's riil it integrated business management platform, so that the hospital's it operation and maintenance work continues to improve, and the hospital's operation and maintenance ability moves to a new level

1. Business resource monitoring platform

core business monitoring platform: according to the characteristics of hospital information construction, each core business system support of the hospital needs two aspects: one is to measure the change of indentation size before and after the experiment, calculate the wear amount, monitor the IT basic resource layer for hardware resources such as network, server and storage, and the other is to monitor the medical business system layer for software resources such as database and middleware. From the perspective of business, establish the relationship between business and resource support, and automatically push the alarm message to the operation and maintenance personnel through SMS, email, app and other ways through the early warning mechanism, so as to eliminate the hidden trouble

it basic resource layer monitoring: monitor the server (operating system), network equipment (router, switch, etc.), database, middleware and other IT resources of each business system, and conduct unified management of resource configuration information, alarm information, performance indicators and other aspects

medical business system level monitoring: for his, LIS, EMR and other core systems, sort out the correspondence between business and subsystems, immediately carry out cooling and finalization relationship, as well as the supporting relationship between subsystems and resources, quantify the performance indicators of basic resources, master the pre alarm threshold of resource performance indicators, prompt the operation status of each system, and establish the performance indicators of it basic resources, the correlation between subsystems and resources The corresponding relationship between subsystem and business, business operation and other transportation management quality control models

2. It operation and maintenance service platform

it operation service platform: informatization and electronization of the daily operation and maintenance guarantee work of the information department. Standardize the operation and maintenance process for operation and maintenance personnel, reduce duplication of work, and establish an evaluation system for operation and management work

based on ITIL method, with the help of custom event management process, it supports automatic task allocation, improves the work efficiency of it operation and maintenance personnel, and monitors and manages business processes. At the same time, it integrates with it monitoring management to seamlessly connect it basic management

establish an operation and maintenance management knowledge base to accumulate and share the daily operation and maintenance work, effectively improve the overall skill quality of the operation and maintenance team, improve service efficiency, and reduce the risks caused by the flow of operation and maintenance personnel

classify the problems involved in daily operation and maintenance work in detail, assign weights to different categories according to impact, urgency, difficulty, etc., and take the weight score and completion quantity and other indicators as the performance evaluation basis for evaluating the actual work effect and work quality of operation and maintenance personnel, so as to improve the work enthusiasm and initiative of operation and maintenance personnel

3. The refined management platform

proactively finds hidden dangers in the operation of hospital business through the alarm view, and helps the operation and maintenance personnel find hidden dangers in advance. Analyze the application data through the data precipitated by the platform, objectively evaluate the work intensity, work ability and work status of the operation and maintenance personnel, and improve their competitiveness and work efficiency. It can reduce friction

improve work efficiency

maintain a high-quality service level under the condition of highly complex and changing hospital IT infrastructure; Automated process tools greatly improve the work efficiency of the hospital IT service department and reduce the error rate caused by manual work; Improve the service experience of clinical departments and patients; Shorten the response time and resolution time of IT service calls of business departments; Process oriented, so that the focus of IT management is raised from the technical level to processes and services

master it information comprehensively

master the latest, accurate, comprehensive and detailed information of all components in the hospital IT infrastructure; Provide help to support the process and improve the efficiency of solution; Ensure the accuracy and integrity of it basic information

control it risks

strictly control hospital it component change activities, strengthen internal coordination and cooperation, and effectively reduce the risks that may be caused by changes

reduce operation and maintenance costs

provide self-service knowledge to all business departments to help improve service quality and reduce the number of calls; Reduce the training cost of new employees; It enables faster and better access to information, thereby improving work efficiency; Capture valuable knowledge and promote the innovation of enterprises. Use the self-service wizard to help users self analyze and solve daily faults and problems, and reduce the workload of the IT department; It provides quantifiable implementation objectives for it management; Make the value of IT department better reflected, so as to improve the enthusiasm of employees; It service providers have a clearer understanding of customers' needs to ensure that it services effectively support business processes

job performance analysis

reduce manual statistical work and enhance the accuracy of reports; Understand the efficiency of process processing and identify the trend of service situation; Fully understand the macro information of the process, and control the operation and organization of the process; Identify weak links in the process and provide guidance for continuous optimization and improvement; Provide basic basis for performance appraisal

hospital IT construction is moving towards a new stage

through the centralized supervision of basic resources, the hospital can grasp the operation status of equipment in time, provide a basis for operation and maintenance management for equipment replacement, network construction and storage expansion, improve the utilization rate of equipment, servers, storage equipment and other resources that are more cost-effective than traditional methods in the transformation of buildings with this system, and save the basic investment cost of information construction. Through the standardized operation and maintenance service system, we can shorten the fault response time of operation and maintenance personnel, avoid errors caused by manual services, indirectly improve the work efficiency of medical staff, and reduce the loss of hospital diagnosis and treatment services caused by the abnormality of business system. Through the RMC service request management center, the daily work of the operation and maintenance personnel will be included in the performance appraisal management, and the weight will be allocated through the number, duration and difficulty of the operation and maintenance services, which will be used as the basis for employee performance appraisal after quantification, so as to fully mobilize the work initiative and enthusiasm, improve the unity and cooperation ability and operation management level of the information department, and make the IT construction of the hospital move towards a new stage

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