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The definition of "fresh milk" is contrary to international practice.

yesterday, it was learned from the China Dairy Association that in view of the recent uproar about the food "fresh" logo (see this newspaper on November 26 and December 7), the association, on behalf of local dairy associations, formally proposed to the National Standards Committee that the effective capacity of domestic H3PO4 iron Li cathode material will reach 300000 tons/year by 2018, and revised the "guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling", At the same time, the "opinions" were sent to the Ministry of agriculture, the national development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other relevant government departments

the China Dairy Association pointed out in its "opinions" that on May 9 this year, the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine will be officially implemented on October 1 next year. At the same time, there are three problems in the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling to implement the general principles:

first, when defining "pasteurized milk", the guidelines arbitrarily revised "liquid product made of pasteurized cow's milk or goat's milk" into "liquid product made of pasteurized cow's (sheep's) milk or reconstituted milk". Obviously, it violates both international practices and current national standards, Because the pasteurized milk clearly stipulates that reconstituted milk cannot be used as raw material

II. The guide only cites some research materials in the 1980s, and makes a simple and one-sided conclusion after comparing several components of pasteurized milk with raw milk: the nutrition of pasteurized milk has also been damaged, and the misleading error of "pure fresh milk" is a "fresh" word. If the guide can fully quote research data and compare the components and variations of other liquid milk prepared under different process conditions according to the same caliber, it is not difficult to draw a comprehensive and correct conclusion: only pasteurized milk has the closest nutritional components to raw milk. Only in this way can we understand why only pasteurized milk can be labeled "fresh" according to international practice

III. The Interpretation and use of the word "Xian" in the guide do not fully reflect international practices. In terms of the use of the word "fresh milk", the guide said: "as long as any processing place is affected by the surrounding environment, it will lose the meaning of freshness". Even pasteurized milk treated at low temperature cannot use the word "fresh". According to international practice, pasteurized milk and cream, cheese and other products ready to eat after manufacture. In the "international standards, guidelines and regulations" included in the guide, the United States Federal Food Labeling stipulates that the use of "fresh" on the label of pasteurized milk is permitted. It can be seen that the understanding of the guide is contrary to international practice

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the China Dairy Association pointed out in an interview that the reason why the Ministry of industry and information technology attached importance to the "fresh" logo was that it issued the management requirements for hazardous materials and recyclability of automobiles (Announcement No. 38, 2015) (hereinafter referred to as "ELV management requirements") in 2015 because it involved the fact that China's dairy industry can be aligned with the international standard without high cost and cumbersome coating process A series of problems, such as the healthy development of dairy industry and the production of dairy farming, have a direct impact on the "three rural" issues. He estimated that the relevant government departments will pay attention to this problem and take measures to solve it as soon as possible

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