The decline of the hottest Yide Futures Crude Oil

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Yide Futures: the decline of crude oil is slowing down, and the rubber market is waiting for direction guidance.

as the market has stopped hyping the theme of Hurricane "Gustav", and the US dollar index has recently got rid of the shock of Western plastics to welcome the "new scene", the US crude oil futures fell below the early US $110 support. Rijiao fell sharply following the trend of crude oil on the 2nd, but the market generally believed that it had overreacted. Yesterday, there was a technical correction, and it closed up slightly, closing at 308.2 points, up 1.1 points, or 0.36%

the 0811 contract, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, opened slightly lower in the morning and maintained a volatile trend throughout the day, indicating that the market lacked a clear direction. It closed at 22420 points, down 70 points, or 0.31%, and its position decreased by 2612 to 71416 hands. The 0809 contract was close to delivery, and the market trading was light. It closed at 27270 points, up 65 points, or 0.24%, and the position decreased by 802 to 28016 hands

in terms of spot goods, the summary of transaction prices of China Rubber showed that 90 tons of scr5/55 standard glue were traded at the lowest listing price of 26000 yuan/ton on the day, the first time since August 14, and the price fell sharply. In the later stage, we will pay attention to the transaction of 535; standard glue in the production area. If there are a large number of transactions and the price drops, it will have an impact on the future price of 0809 contract to be delivered. In spot markets in Hengshui, Zhejiang and other places, the trading range of domestic standard one glue was yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday; The transaction range of styrene butadiene rubber is yuan/ton, and that of CIS polybutadiene rubber is yuan/ton

at present, the main uncertainty factor in the market is that the local fracture and failure of the metal wire does not mean that all components will eventually fail. The political situation in Thailand is turbulent. Recent news shows that the demonstrations of the NLD have caused bloodshed. It remains to be seen whether the situation will further escalate in the later stage. If the situation intensifies, it cannot be ruled out that it will have an adverse impact on the production and transportation of local natural rubber

with the decline of crude oil futures, the rebound of Tianjiao market last week ended, and the futures price trend will return to the fundamentals, and the short pattern has not changed. However, there are still some variables in the market. The K-line trend of the Japanese and Shanghai Jiao 0811 contracts yesterday shows that the market is more cautious. Therefore, it is recommended to wait and see or short-term trading in the day

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