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The downward trend of traditional printing business is set! But there is a lot of room for the development of packaging and printing

[China Packaging News] the decline of traditional printing business is set! But there is a lot of room for the development of packaging and printing

according to the national official data, in 2012, the packaging rate of Japanese products exceeded 96%, that of European and American products exceeded 94%, while that of China was only 28%. It is estimated that there is still a trillion yuan of space in the packaging and printing market! Packaging and printing is undoubtedly a sunrise industry

looking at the general situation of Jingmen printing market, the overall operation of the industry is weak, lacking market competitiveness and anti risk ability. The reason is not due to the geographical location and market demand. Through investigation, it is found that the main reason is the lack of guidance and motivation. More importantly, the operators' respective policies and lack of cohesion lead to the business being seized by operators from other places

how to solve this problem? First, integration, then supplement, and then innovation

Jingmen 2015 advertising printing industrial park was initiated and established by Hubei Houdong printing and packaging Co., Ltd. since it was put into operation in june2012, the sales revenue of Hubei Houdong has increased significantly, reaching a new level every year. In the first half of 2012, the sales revenue reached 8million yuan, more than 30million yuan in 2013, 60million yuan in 2014, and it is expected that the sales revenue in 2015 will reach 100million yuan At present, the company has more than 200 employees Over the past three years, under the leadership of chairman lvwenkui and the care of government leaders, the company has grown into a star enterprise in the printing industry in Jingmen and even the whole Hubei Province The completion of the Jingmen 2015 advertising and printing industrial park project will solve the employment problem of more than 2000 people in the surrounding areas. It can be called the aircraft carrier formation of Jingmen advertising and printing industry

Jingmen 2015 advertising and printing industrial park takes the transactions between source manufacturers and end consumers as the two main lines to drive the five service industry clusters of advertising creative planning, printing and packaging production, warehousing and logistics, innovation industry, and Internet + sales (hereinafter interpreted as two belt five projects), and diffract other service systems, such as talent training, financial services, exhibition services, other life and business supporting services

its core competitiveness is to introduce canon (China) cloud printing platform and its 1million points set up in China, take source enterprises (local specialty Manufacturers) and end consumer groups (first tier cities, therefore, the most mature series of industries as the core), create industrial cluster cycle extension, and give full play to the advantages of Internet + traditional industry operation to the greatest extent, so as to contribute to the development and construction of Jingmen region

Hubei Houdong has a complete supporting industrial base and high-end complete production equipment Over the past three years, more than 50million yuan has been invested in fixed assets. Now, the factory has been built with an area of more than 10000 square meters. It has invested in the construction of 12 printing and packaging production lines, including the full open four-color packaging and printing production line, the split four-color business printing production line, and the six open four-color digital printing production line. The machine is digital display, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, breaks and stops automatically, and can set automatic return line, full-automatic vertical film covering production line, and computer servo cross cutting production line These equipment are the world's top equipment, and the leading technology has become the core competitiveness of the enterprise Under the condition of continuous innovation and development, the enterprise will become an industry leader that cannot be surpassed in 10 years in the software operation parameter window

Hubei Houdong has high-quality and stable customer resources. In the past three years, it has signed long-term cooperation agreements with listed companies Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd., Taiwan funded enterprise xinmeixiang, British Royal Jinyuan food, group company Taili group, Hangzhou Aihua Stationery Co., Ltd., Hubei fuhuida Food Co., Ltd., Hubei jinlongquan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Li Ning Industrial Park and other well-known enterprises, Orders have increased steadily year by year While doing well in the original products, the company is also constantly improving itself. It has been awarded the honorary title of the most leading brand in Jingmen labor-intensive enterprise consumer satisfaction brand industry by the government and the industry

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