The decline of TOCOM rubber futures is expected to

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TOCOM rubber futures ended lower, and the decline is expected to expand

according to the news from Tokyo on December 6, TOCOM rubber futures ended lower on Thursday, with sluggish market trading and range fluctuation. Traders settled many heads and jointly became partners of the igauto project. As the popularity continued to be short, the fund left the market to reduce its weight and thus reduce its cost, waiting for strong guidance. Traders said that the market is expected to continue to fall in the next few trading days, but the market is at the next important support level of 260. However, the reaction of the experimenters near the yen at the beginning of the experiment will provide good guidance for the longer-term prospects. Fundamentals tend to be negative due to the increase of seasonal production, but the trend of foreign exchange market and other commodity markets in the next few days will continue to have a significant impact on rubber futures. The benchmark may RSS3 contract closed down 2.4 yen at 266.2 yen per kilogram. The total turnover was 13639

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