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Xinguolian Futures: driven by the decline of crude oil, Shanghai oil opened at a low price

affected by the continued decline of crude oil, domestic fuel oil opened at a low price. The main 810 jumped at 5165 and opened at a low price. It fluctuated slightly around 5125 and closed at 5117 at the end of the day, down 124 points. 153836 transactions were made throughout the day, and the position was increased by 3086 to 55180

fundamentals, the rise of the US dollar and concerns about the oil demand of the United States, the world's largest energy consumer, are the reasons for the sharp decline in oil prices. The US Department of energy plans to release the weekly energy inventory report on the evening of the 30th. Analysts surveyed predicted that crude oil inventory would drop by 900000 barrels in the week ending July 25, but gasoline inventory increased by 100000 barrels and heating oil inventory increased by 1.7 million barrels. Analysts expect that the report will continue to show a decline in U.S. oil demand by making the surface of the sample as the original surface, and may increase concerns about this

the domestic spot continued to be strong. On July 30, the price of fuel oil in Shanghai market rose slightly, and the price of domestic blended 180CST Kuti was between 5220-5310 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of domestic blending 380cst warehouse is 4955-5055 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of domestic 250 Kuti is 4785-4925 yuan/ton, stable. The quotation of imported high sulfur 180CST warehouse ships was 5420-5520 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of imported blending 380cst warehouse ship is 5105-5205 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of Russian M100 is 6080-6180 yuan/ton, up 0 yuan/ton after 11 experiments

the technical operation is convenient. Technically, the 10 day moving average of crude oil continues to exert pressure, but it has recently returned to the 120 day moving average position, which is expected to be supported. In the short term, we will pay attention to whether the 120 day moving average can form an effective support. If it can not form an effective support for oil price. 1. The time for clamping, tracking and taking down the extended plan will continue to explore the 110 position. The main force of Shanghai oil company opened low and closed negative in 810 days, and the 10 day moving average and the 30 day moving average formed a death cross, so it is required to go lower

operation suggestions: the short-term correction of crude oil faces support. If the crude oil continues to fall, it will inevitably drag down the fuel price. However, the domestic spot is relatively strong, limiting the decline of futures price. The fuel 810 is mainly short in the near future

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