The old carpenter carefully customized the whole w

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The old carpenter carefully customized the whole wood home life, the whole wood customized home 400-0088-509

the old carpenter carefully customized the whole wood home life, the whole wood customized home 400-0088-509

after entering the new century, the old carpenter finally won the return of the market and the recognition of the industry through his careful persistence in the whole wood customization field

the old carpenter carefully customizes the whole wood home life, art home, and highlights the quality of life

as we all know, the original inspiration of the old carpenter's artistic theory and manufacturing process was wood carving, a traditional Chinese craft. However, it seemed incredible at that time, because traditional crafts first need long-term skill honing, precipitation and sublimation from bit by bit. In short, it requires great energy and time. At that time, the domestic home furnishing market developed extremely rapidly, sometimes without my sense of urgency, countless enterprises went further and further on the road of first scale and then standardization, and achieved good results. It is in this sharp contrast that the old carpenter did not produce impetuous emotions, but steadfastly made products and crafts

when recalling those difficult years, Mr. Zhao, the founder of the brand, believed that the old carpenter had a dedicated love for traditional art and a dedication immersed in his bones. The path of others is not necessarily suitable for him, and only his own step by step can he walk steadily and steadily. In fact, this is the development wisdom given by traditional culture to old carpenters

sure enough, in the subsequent development, the old carpenter ushered in a great development with his own originality and uniqueness. After people's material life has been greatly satisfied, the pursuit of personalized and national cultural home has become an upsurge. Under this trend, the old carpenter with a strong cultural heritage is unique

one hundred years of hand-made inheritance and carefully customized whole wood life

over the past 20 years, the old carpenter has worked hard and concentrated on wood treatment, and he has a belief and feelings of not being happy with things and not being sad about himself. No matter how the market changes, the old carpenter always devotes himself to the cause of treating wood with great enthusiasm. From wooden door manufacturing to whole wood customized furniture, every old carpenter's work shows infinite enthusiasm for wood. And the old carpenter has spared no effort to sublimate from wood to the control of life experience

for example, in the field of whole wood furniture, the old carpenter clearly put forward that "customization" is the design guidance of making products with heart. Customization focuses on style and drawing. To this end, the old carpenter has created a professional and systematic designer team. In order to design products with the most pure style, the old carpenter's designers seek design inspiration from the cultures and buildings of various countries to design, aiming to turn the inner expectations of every consumer into realizable reality. At the same time, the old carpenter is also looking for fashionable outlines and elements in the traditional artistic feelings, and strives to make every exclusive detail withstand strict design and artistic scrutiny

in addition, the old carpenter has boldly innovated and interpreted the manufacturing links of wooden furniture with his own creative techniques of shape, color, art, material and rhyme, which fully demonstrates the innovation and imagination of a brand. It is precisely because of such a self-improvement process that the old carpenter has become a rare brand in the industry that can perfectly integrate the product style, characteristics of the times and traditional techniques

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