Colorful modern living room style living space

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The pure white walls and pure white carpets, although pure, also bring a monotony. Unwilling to be monotonous, you can add a cushion on the sofa and hang decorative paintings on the wall. Just a few pieces will make your bedroom shine

Xiaobian likes such a pure blue and white living room. The hue of blue and white is actually the closest to nature, because it is the color of blue sky and white clouds, and it is the color of white clouds in the sea. In the living room with blue and white tones, everything else seems to be unimportant. Simplicity seems to be its only choice

always feel that it is difficult to match colors with too deep log colors. If you always feel neither fish nor fowl with colors, well, give up and choose classic and versatile white to perform the most mellow and simple style for you. Make your living room simple with an atmosphere

creating a simple and fashionable living room is actually a very simple thing. If you don't believe me, I'll listen to Xiaobian to tell you: a pure white sofa, dotted with colorful cushions and cute toys, a fashionable chair, and a classic IKEA open storage cabinet. Speaking of this, you can also create a fashionable living room that belongs to you

simple and practical design, just need: a very green wall, a corner sofa, a log coffee table and a very personalized lamp. The original simple style of the living room is so simple. So just highlight the highlights, and the simple living room can become fashionable and moving

continues its simple style. On the pure white background, the owner chose the green that has been very red in recent years to add highlights to this room, so he deduced this white, black and green interwoven living room




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