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For balcony railings, ordinary residents pay great attention to the quality of railings and the quality of installation, which is the main direction of attention. For balcony railings, residents should check all guardrails and handrails

material inspection

first of all, when designing the balcony, it is necessary to specify the provisions of the balcony handrail, and when checking the handrail, pay attention to whether the material, specification, quantity and combustion performance grade of wood and plastic used in the production and installation of the balcony guardrail and handrail meet the design requirements

inspection method: during acceptance, carefully observe the balcony guardrail and hand guard; Ask the construction party for the product certificate of conformity, and check whether the materials meet the design requirements, so as to avoid the construction personnel cutting corners or shoddy

installation inspection

after ensuring that the materials used for balcony railings and handrails are the materials specified in the design, residents also need to check the installation of balcony railings and handrails, including the shape, installation position, installation hardware, etc. of balcony railings and handrails

1. Inspection of installation position

before installing the balcony guardrail and handrail, the correct construction specification of the construction personnel is to first locate the installation position of the balcony guardrail and handrail by drawing lines according to the design, and then install it

this is the correct construction specification, which will not be the case for some unprofessional construction teams, making the balcony installation location inconsistent with the decoration design, resulting in inconvenient use of balcony guardrails and safety accidents. Residents can use ruler inspection to check whether the installation position is correct

2. Inspection of installation firmness

the main reason why balcony guardrails are paid attention to by residents is that the balcony directly affects the safety of home life, which is related to the firmness of balcony guardrails and handrails. Therefore, during the acceptance, the firmness of balcony guardrail and handrail installation can be checked with a wrench

3. Inspection of installation hardware

when installing balcony guardrails and handrails, embedded parts need to be installed on the ground and guardrails. Generally, the number, specification and location of embedded parts will be specified in the design, and only the installation that meets the regulations is qualified. Therefore, the number, specification, location of embedded parts installed on guardrails and handrails, as well as the connection nodes between guardrails and embedded parts should meet the design requirements

decoration should not only pay attention to beautification, but also the safety of decoration should not be ignored. The above are the acceptance standards and precautions for balcony railings. I hope it will help you




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