Titanium alloy window agents can't operate so will

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In recent years, some titanium window agents acting as titanium window agents have really broadened our horizons. What Guanhao window editor wants to say is, can we not be so stubborn as titanium window agents, regardless of cost, and fight a big promotion and low price war

nowadays, the homogenization of titanium alloy window shopping malls is serious, resulting in vicious quotation wars one after another. Trust us is no longer sparse. Agents are engaged in quotation wars and grabs on a large scale in order to obtain more immediate interests, but they never think about whether the cost of titanium alloy window goods can be reduced significantly at the end, whether the after-sales service cost can be reduced, and whether the room price of the store is declining year by year. In the final analysis, they have been fighting a quotation war with stubbornness without thinking about anything. In their eyes, competitors' quotations are lower than ours, which is definitely not allowed. Therefore, after several shocks, the dust finally settled and went bankrupt without warning

there are also some stubborn titanium alloy window agents, who pay attention to the intelligent titanium alloy windows in other stores, saying that it is the future social needs, not this. So I urged the brand titanium alloy window manufacturers to study this with interest, but compared with a large number of this in my store, I suddenly found that the mall was cold for a while

it's true that intelligent titanium alloy windows will have a lot of room to develop in the future, but your agency store is too far ahead in the shopping malls in your area, and the spending group can't keep up. Even if they want to help you, they can't help you. Therefore, it is a tragedy for titanium window agents to be separated from the consumers of regional shopping malls




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