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Tatami is a popular decoration method among young people at present. For families with small size, it can not only save space, but also save time and energy in selecting furniture such as floors, bedrooms and beds. However, like other functional areas, tatami rooms, whether as study or bedroom, also have their own geomantic stress, affecting the owner's geomantic fortune

1. First determine the overall layout of the room

the overall layout of the tatami room can refer to the eight characters of the owner's birthday, so as to determine the most suitable location for everyone to live. Of course, because the layout of many houses is unreasonable now, maybe the bedroom Feng Shui where people live is just the bad position of the owner. At this time, the location of Feng Shui arrangement is very important, because how can it affect the fate of the owner, so we should pay special attention to it

2. Color selection of tatami

although the colors of tatami multifunctional beds we see in life are mainly log colors and beige colors, in fact, there are still many colors of tatami. Because the color of tatami after installation may be related to the fate of the owner, the color of tatami should refer to the fate of the owner, and at the same time, it should also refer to the fate color of each room member, and select colors with positive influence of multiple fortunes, so as to bring good luck to the owner

3. Determine the decoration materials of tatami

the first decoration materials to be considered in house decoration should be environmentally friendly wood, indoor doors and floors. At the same time, the choice of these materials is also determined by the fate of the owner of the house. If there are other materials needed in addition to these basic materials, they can be selected in combination with the owner's five element attributes and preferences. For example, the owner's fate belongs to earth, and the best decorative material is stone; The owner is Jin, so installing metal doors and windows is the most suitable

4. Pay attention to the date when the decoration starts

in our traditional custom, if there are big things at home, we will check the auspicious day, which is also true in the design of house decoration. Although the decoration of tatami is not a big thing, it is also very important for individuals, so the date selection of tatami decoration is also very important. Generally, the auspicious day of the zodiac in the calendar is for everyone. If you want to choose the decoration date of tatami, you have to calculate it in combination with the eight characters of the owner's birthday

5. Unreasonable house types should be adjusted before construction.

for unreasonable layout, the adjustment scheme should be designed before family decoration, and strive to solve the problem in one construction. Some house types have a layout that is not conducive to the owner's fate in the design, such as the bathroom presses down on Geely's orientation, the bathroom door and the master bedroom door are equal, and similar problems need to use the screen or adjust the direction of the door, etc. These are best designed before decoration, so as to avoid repeated construction, cost money, materials and time, and destroy the overall beauty of family decoration




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