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The power of “local” - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

There are municipalities in Mallorca which are more associated with the January Sant Antoni fiestas than others. Manacor is one of them. Central to its celebrations are the singing of the “goigs” (songs of joy, if you like) in honour of Sant Antoni and the dancing of the demons and the saintand then more restrictions again. The Manacor demons are not the rampaging:1618619862073,, fire-spitting variety. They are in keeping with the much longer tradition of the figure of the demonThe province. So when the Grand Demon finds himself embroiled in a controversy, you can imagine that the foundations of that tradition are shaken. Which is what happened five years ago.

It all had to do with a topless Russian model by the name of Aline. The Grand Demon and Aline appeared together in what was described as a series of erotic poses. The story went that Aline had come from Russia in order to tempt the Grand Demon and had engaged in hours of seduction prior to the demons going in pursuit of the holy hermit of Sant Antoni.

A consequence of the images was that “cacerolada” protests – the banging of pots and pans – were staged. These protests and the images meant that a local publication had become news, as this publication – “Perlas y Cuevas” – had published them. The magazine’s office and the home of its editor were the locations for the protests.

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