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Packaging design service sales industry analysis of how packaging generates sales force

[China Packaging News] as we all know, packaging design is an important link in the process of new product development, so the ultimate function of packaging design is to achieve its sales force through packaging. Because product packaging is for sales, through packaging to attract consumers and convey relevant product information, this indirect sales force truly realizes the value and significance of product packaging

now let's analyze how product packaging can generate sales force

throughout the three steps of the customer purchase process: seeing the product -- being moved by the product -- generating purchase. These three steps will determine what functions our product packaging focuses on

1. Visual impact function. Goods that cannot be seen cannot be purchased! This is a well-known display theorem. On a dazzling supermarket shelf, whoever has a product that can enter the sight of consumers may be purchased. On the contrary, there is no sales opportunity. We may not realize that some brands displayed on the shelves have not entered the sight or mind of consumers at all. China packaging has investigated that when asked about a brand on the shelf, more than half of the customers who just walked out of the shelf area replied that they had not seen it. Therefore, it is well deserved to list visual impact as the first function of packaging design, which is the premise and foundation of sales

2. Information transmission function. Being seen is only the premise and foundation of sales. To impress customers, we have to rely on the charm of the brand itself. Who am I? What can I bring to customers? Can I make customers like me? Packaging design needs to clearly convey these messages that can touch consumers. Show these information to customers concisely and prominently, and give customers a rational reason to buy

3. Aesthetic pleasure function. This requires our product packaging to be exquisite, which can bring customers a pleasant feeling, tempt customers' desire, and give customers a perceptual reason to buy

4. Personalized function. Personalized packaging often depends on your brand positioning, brand personality, brand segmentation, channel type and other factors. Distinctive product packaging helps customers make a decisive judgment in front of similar products, which saves time and facilitates consumption. Personalization not only distinguishes your brand from your competitors, but also gives customers a preconceived memory

5. Texture function. In essence, customers are most concerned about product quality, but the quality of products is often beyond customers' immediate judgment. Customers can only prove the quality of products from the side, such as brand enterprise background, brand accumulation, advertising, friend recommendation, etc. These judgments of customers are essentially the sense of quality shown by products. In addition to the above factors, product packaging is also an important evaluation index to bring customers a sense of quality

6. Value added function. Packaging design is one of the ways to create added value of goods. Packaging is often more important than the products inside. This sentence tells the meaning of the added value orientation of packaging

7. Customer friendly function. The convenience of packaging is also one of the factors that customers decide whether to buy. Whether the packaging specification conforms to the customer's usage and storage habits, whether the packaging is easy for customers to take, whether the price brought by the packaging capacity or specification exceeds the customer's payment warning line, whether it is convenient for customers to try to buy, etc. When designing packaging, people-oriented in these details is the real good packaging

8. Self selling function. In addition to advertising, shopping guide and promotion, it is more often to establish a direct communication between macro-control and market conditioning mechanism through face-to-face communication with customers through packaging. Therefore, a good packaging design must be found in customers' 3-second quick browsing and touch their purchase desire through the comprehensive information of the brand in 15 seconds. Therefore, successful packaging design can make the goods easily achieve the purpose of self-sale. The self selling function is also the result of the above functions

then, what aspects should we start from to express these functions of product packaging

1. Create the visual impact of the brand from the aspects of display environment, packaging color, pattern, style, etc

color is the primary factor to grab customers' attention. Among the many elements of packaging design, a pleasing color must first leap into the eyes of customers, followed by other design elements, so take care of 1 This paper summarizes the impact resistance of impact testing machine used in automotive safety glass. Color is the first element to create visual impact

an important related factor must be considered in the selection of color - display environment. Having visual impact on your desk is not equal to having it in the shelf display area. Your brand color must jump out of the colorful shelf area. It should be said that this is a difficult thing to grasp, and the slightest carelessness will be the same. How to avoid it? This requires us to be familiar with the display environment and know what can be done and what cannot be done; Secondly, color innovation should not be too popular

vivid patterns and unique styles are also effective means to distinguish competitors and jump out of the display environment. At the same time, vivid patterns and styles also induce customers' purchase impulse. Regardless of the display environment, it is difficult to produce a strong visual impact by choosing colors only according to the brand personality or brand style

2. Convey brand information and personalized appearance from the aspects of brand positioning and current brand position

there are technical barriers in the fiber new materials used in large aircraft and aerospace, etc.

by positioning its own brand, it defines what faction it is, what crowd it is for, and what appropriate channels it chooses, so as to determine the brand design style and brand theme. The brand theme condenses the important brand information that consumers care about, such as the brand name and the main benefits of the brand

the current status of the brand determines the attitude we take towards the elements of the brand theme. The primary and secondary order of elements varies with the status. Generally speaking, enterprises with brand awareness will highlight the brand name as the main element, followed by the main interests of the brand. However, if the enterprise does not cultivate the awareness of brand, and the brand is just a code for convenient expression, which is not available now and will not be relied on in the future, we need to reconsider the primary and secondary order of the above elements. For consumers, the temptation of a new brand without any background is zero. At this time, sales rely on product benefits rather than brands

what's more, some enterprises lacking resources, especially talents, have no sales team and refined sales means, rely on the thrust of traditional circulation channels, and face low-end consumer groups with low degree of specialization, so they don't need to innovate in product packaging. Imitation or Paragon is their best choice. Customers' mistakes are their best chance to achieve sales. This is also a living method in which status determines the means of survival

3. Create packaging with appropriate added value, sense of quality and aesthetic feeling according to channel differences and price positioning

the added value of product packaging is complementary to the aesthetic feeling, sense of quality, brand interests and packaging materials of design. It is more practical to create a packaging with appropriate added value, sense of quality and aesthetic feeling according to the differences of channels. Different channel orientations determine the emphasis and differences in the shape, color, materials and many other aspects of packaging. For example, high-end cosmetics brands are mostly displayed in image cabinets or other specific environments, and there are many comprehensive marketing means. The product itself does not need to speak out. Therefore, the design focuses on the pursuit of aesthetics and packaging materials, which can achieve a high degree of unity between aesthetics and sales force. The packaging of high-end cosmetics brands is simple in content, delicate in image, distinctive in personality, elegant in color, and excellent in material. But if you put them on the shelf, they may not be the easiest to find. Even if they are found, they are difficult to be recognized by consumers as a high-end brand, that is, it is difficult to achieve its high value-added function. The shelf brands with supermarkets as the channel orientation focus more on creating brand added value from brand positioning, brand benefits and the visual effect of packaging

4. Pay attention to balance to achieve the harmonious layout of all elements

packaging design also needs harmonious layout, which requires us to pay attention to balance when dealing with various design elements. It is a wrong practice to be too biased in one aspect or to go to extremes. We emphasize that non aesthetic factors do not mean that aesthetics can be ignored or excluded. Aesthetics is still an important basis of design. At the same time, we just add more market factors on the basis of aesthetics to let external factors play their due role. If we can give consideration to them at the same time, it is the most ideal outcome

China Packaging believes that we should clearly realize that the design of commodity packaging must look at the market. Therefore, from the perspective of the market, sales is really beautiful

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