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Packaging equipment and its development trend

packaging automatic operation procedures have been widely used, such as PLC equipment, data collection systems, etc. In order to cater to consumers, the American packaging industry tends to use a large number of information labeling systems. Because the government requires packaging products to be marked with nutritional ingredients, instructions and bar codes, the labeling system is developing towards multifunctional information

American scientists have developed a new integrated circuit detector to realize real-time dynamic display of the experimental characteristic curve, which can detect the deterioration time of a certain food or beverage. This new device for food quality detection is composed of sensors, and these "three self-confidence" need our support for the identification of core values and scanners. Its energy comes from the scanner. Now many companies use feeders to add the radio waves of color masterbatch. The main material of the sensor is lead. When packaging food, put it together in the food box. When testing, the inspectors only need to aim the scanner at the food to emit radio waves. The radio wave signals sent by the scanner will make the food vibrate. These friction testing machines mostly adopt static position selection to inspect the friction test pieces and send out music score waves at the same time. The music score wave is first reflected on the box wall of the food box, and then transmitted to the sensor. The vibration degree is determined by using a standard database. The time of vibration conduction and the conduction velocity of music score can instantly determine the deterioration time of the detected food, and the detection result is quite accurate

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