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Packaging designers talk about relevant software application skills

packaging in the narrow sense refers to cartons, wooden frames, iron frames and containers, while packaging in the broad sense should also include the design of outer packaging. Packaging design is a seemingly simple but creative, patient and careful work. Through the work of product packaging design, a set of overall packaging solutions (CPS) is designed. The actual operation requires care and patience, as well as a certain amount of work experience. Making good use of networks and various software will make the work more efficient and flexible

let's see the product packaging designer explain the application skills of relevant software

first, drawing management needs to be intelligent and efficient

in the process of packaging design, it always involves the management of packaging drawings of many customers. Because there are many customers, even the same customer unit may involve the packaging scheme of several products. In addition to directly printing out and archiving, it is more often stored in the computer. How to quickly locate a required drawing file? It is not efficient to search by using the self-contained search program of the system. In fact, you can easily create a simple drawing query system with Excel

generally, there is a sequence according to the order of drawing production. Enter the serial number in cell A1 and 1 in cell A2. Select cell A2, place the mouse in the lower right corner of the cell, and then the crosshairs appear. Press and hold the right mouse button, drag the mouse down, and select fill in sequence in the pop-up shortcut menu to automatically fill in the serial number

next, enter the customer company name in cell B1. If it is the same company, to repeat the data in the previous row, you can directly use the left mouse button to select and drag down or press ctrl+d to repeat the input. Of course, you can use data validity to make a drop-down list to choose, so you can do it once and for all. After selecting column B, click data validity on the menu bar, select the sequence in the conditions allowed in the data validity dialog box, enter the user unit data under the source, such as HP computer, Ford Motor, light industry electronics, separate the items with half width commas, ignore null values on the right and provide a drop-down arrow to check OK

tip: you can also directly call the prepared customer unit worksheet data, and enter the cell area of the data in the source, such as =$c$1:$c$10. In this way, there is no need to enter manually

then input the drawing number in A3, a unit is distinguished by a different code, and then input some other packaging drawing file items, so that a drawing query machine can be made. In the future, if you need to find a drawing, you can directly search by name or use data to automatically filter, then select custom, set the filter conditions, and you can search by number The customer unit name and drawing number segment can quickly find the required drawings

II. Interoperability between various design software

when doing design, in fact, various tool software have their own characteristics, such as CAD is more suitable for drawing complex plane graphics, CorelDRAW is more suitable for drawing vector graphics, Photoshop is more suitable for image processing, etc. But these design software also have interoperability, so it is more efficient to use them in series. For example, the author is used to making structural drawings in CAD and should get the consent of customers, because it is convenient and fast to mark, and then continue to do the design of outer packaging layout after importing CAD structural drawings in CorelDRAW

after making the structure drawing in CAD, the default saving format is DWG. If you want to import it into CorelDRAW, you need to save the file as. Note that the file type is selected as DXF, and then import it in CorelDRAW DXF file, pay attention not to drag the mouse when importing, otherwise deformation will occur. Then you can continue processing

in addition, when making packaging structure drawings or layouts with CAD or CorelDRAW, backup files with the same name will be automatically generated when saving the files. Many friends are used to deleting them or not saving the backup files. This is not a good habit. If the main file of the hard drawn drawings is damaged by viruses or other reasons, and you do not generate the backup files, you can wait and cry

if there is a backup file, change its name to open it. In addition, after making the packaging layout for the customer's confirmation, don't forget to convert the object into a curve in CorelDRAW before sending it to the plate making company for printing or film production (after selecting the object, press the small trl+q key combination of C and its volume), otherwise part of the content will not be displayed because the corresponding design font is not installed on the other party's computer

tips: for complex packaging structure design, it is a little cumbersome to carry out it in CAD or CorelDRAW. It is necessary to skillfully operate this packaging structure design software artioscad. Although it is a little difficult to use the English interface, once you start it, you will get twice the result with half the effort

III. It is simpler to synchronize drawing data

although the company deployed OA and independent servers, it adopted an isolation policy for the design department, and only equipped the design department with an ordinary PC for backup files. Of course, the boss is also for the purpose of confidentiality, not allowing other departments to visit and making it easy for him to view the drawings. Finding a way to quickly synchronize data between the local computer and the exclusive backup computer can effectively improve work efficiency. I finally chose allway sync (click download)

allway sync is a multilingual version. Select Chinese (Simplified) under the language menu to switch the interface to simplified Chinese. You can see that the interface is unusually refreshing. By default, it has been divided by experimental materials: metal material fixture and non-metal material fixture have established a new job1 synchronization group tab for you, or you can establish multiple synchronization task groups as needed (similar to multiple tabs in the browser), press ctrl+n to create a new synchronization group, and click the Browse button on the left to locate the directory of the local drawing files that need to be synchronized

select the synchronization location as the network folder on the right, click the configuration button to set the login name, location and other parameters of the network folder, and click the analysis button in the lower left corner to analyze. The software will analyze the file differences and other relevant information that need to be synchronized. After the analysis is completed, click the change on the two-way arrow in the middle. The friction experimental machine designed by bouncing this kind of weight pressure is actually not a very new instrument. In the window, you can choose to synchronize from left to right or right to left. Finally, click the synchronization button to complete the synchronization

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