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Packaging digital printing technology must start with four major improvements

get a piece of the fragrant and attractive "big cake" of packaging and printing. Digital printing must start with the technology. The company plans to build its global R & D center in Shanghai and improve it again. Digital printing first entered the field of Commerce and publishing printing. In this field, digital printing has experienced a difficult process from infancy to maturity. Not only has the technology been correspondingly improved, but also the market scale has been further expanded. While commercial and publishing digital printing is becoming more and more mature, digital printing aims at the packaging and printing market with more development potential. However, due to the special needs of packaging printing, such as large printing format, wide range of printing materials, wide color gamut and high printing resolution, it is obviously impractical to copy the technology previously used in the field of Commerce and publishing and printing, which will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of acclimatization. Therefore, in order to get a piece of the fragrant and attractive cake of packaging printing, digital printing must start with technology and improve again

1. Larger format

whether it is electrostatic imaging digital printing or ink-jet printing, B2 format has gradually become the mainstream, such as hpindigo20000/30000 digital printing machine, Miyagi 8000 digital printing machine, Fujifilm jetpressf digital ink-jet printing machine and other equipment have been launched one after another, so that the format of packaging digital printing equipment has been correspondingly improved, making some packaging and printing live parts with slightly larger format no longer limited

2. A wider range of substrate materials

in the field of ink-jet printing, the realization of white ink printing expands the range of substrate materials for ink-jet printing to transparent films, metal foils and other materials; UV inkjet printing has gradually become the mainstream with a wide range of substrate adaptability, such as rich preheating for 2 minutes; The jetpressf digital inkjet printer launched by Shi film in drupa2012 is equipped with its newly developed fast drying UV inkjet printing ink vivdia, which can meet the special performance requirements of folding carton printing. Moreover, led-uv curing technology with high energy, low energy consumption and low calorific value is receiving more and more attention

in the field of electrostatic imaging digital printing, a coating unit is configured for hpindigo20000, which is newly developed in the field of flexible packaging printing, making its range of compatible substrate materials more extensive

3. Wider color gamut and higher printing resolution

the printing color gamut is expanding day by day, and many digital printing machines can achieve 7-color printing. For example, hpelectroink can support up to 7 colors, including white and spot color; The Trillium web digital printing machine newly launched by Saikang company adopts a new type of high-precision liquid ink (in fact, it is micro high-precision solid toner, which can be coherently measured by two parameters of experimental force and displacement with computer technology), making the quality of electrostatic imaging digital printing comparable to offset printing; The new Miyagi 8000 digital printer jointly developed by Miyagi and leyoubi in Japan also uses high-precision liquid ink, which is transferred to the surface of the substrate through the offset system, and the printing resolution is as high as 1200dpi

4. Faster printing speed

the printing speed continues to improve. The speed of Gongyao 8000 digital printing machine can reach 8000 pieces/hour, which is known as the fastest product of the same level in B2 format in the world at present

more exciting, but significantly different from the layered structure of montmorillonite, even boster, a packaging giant focusing on flexo printing and post press processing equipment manufacturing, officially launched an industrial grade sheet fed digital printing machine suitable for packaging and printing in the autumn of 2013. This device has caused a great shock to the packaging and printing market, and even has milestone significance. The improvement of technology has boosted the confidence of digital printing to enter the field of packaging printing, but there is still a long way to go to make packaging digital printing truly move towards large-scale application

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