China will become the second largest trading count

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China will become the world's second largest trading country

with the accelerated recovery of the Asian region, economic experts see the trade growth of Asia, especially China, at a higher level this year. Analysts at goldmansach s predict that by 2025, China will become the world's second largest trading country, second only to the United States; China's trade volume will account for 12% of the total global trade. Hu Zuliu, executive director of Goldman Sachs Asia, said in Hong Kong today that after China's accession to the WTO, it will further promote trade in the upstream industry. An industry personage who did not want to be named analyzed and predicted that in the next five years, China's import and export growth will average 12% in all layers of the cover, driving economic growth to maintain a level of 7% every year. He also estimated that the RMB would be fully convertible in the next five to ten years. At the macro-economic level, China's entry into the World Trade Organization this year will be very beneficial to Taiwan, which has a lot of investment in the mainland, and Hong Kong, which provides a source of funds for the mainland. Goldman Sachs is also optimistic about the prospects of Asia this year. At the investment conference held in Hong Kong on Thursday, anandaithal, a regional analyst at Goldman Sachs, believed that the stronger the stronger, it is expected that the economies of large developed countries or regions will perform more prominently this year, that is, the prospects of developed countries are the most promising, because they can continue to benefit from corporate restructuring and government deregulation. Morgan Stanley's latest research report predicts that China's exports will continue to improve in the 2000's, with an expected export growth of 11%. Last year, it was predicted that 6.5%. In 1998, there was zero growth. Wynn, an investment strategy expert at Morgan Stanley, believes that with China's accession to the World Trade Organization and the global economic recovery, the economic growth rate is expected to reach 8% this year. Coupled with China's accelerated pace of reform, it is expected that China will replace Japan and become the new economic leader in the Asian region. The improvement of the external environment and the adjustment of the internal export policy are the two decisive factors for the improvement of China's exports. According to the Research Report of the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, with the steady expansion of the US economy, the gradual improvement of the economies of EU countries (especially Germany and France), and the significant recovery of most Asian countries (including Japan), it is expected that the global economy will further improve this year. The Chinese government's move to impose an interest tax on bank savings deposits will also stimulate people to spend their savings on consumption. Moreover, with the revival of intra regional trade and the active demand of the United States and the European Union, the impact of the Asian financial crisis will continue to weaken, and the environment for China's foreign trade exports will further improve to achieve new growth. Chinese economic and trade institutions and experts also share the same view with foreign analysts. According to China Business Herald, the State Economic and Trade Commission predicts that China's economy will grow by 7.5% this year, and deflation will improve. It is expected that the retail price index, which began to decline last October, will not rise or fall. The investment in fixed assets is expected to increase by 12%, about 3.5 trillion yuan; Exports will increase by 8%. The China Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center of the National Bureau of statistics conducted a questionnaire survey on 100 well-known economic experts in China. More than 80% of the experts predicted that the GDP growth rate would reach 7.4% in 2000. The reason is that the government has determined to continue to implement the Heqiang "road to Rio" project, which has laid the foundation for the future latent development and expanded domestic demand; China's accession to the WTO and the improvement of the world economic situation are conducive to the increase of exports; The income of residents will increase, the consumption of cars, housing, education and rural residents will rise, and the related economic restructuring will be further accelerated. Last year, China's foreign trade exports fell to an increase, and the total annual foreign trade exports could reach $193 billion, an increase of 5% over the previous year, and the growth rate will greatly exceed the expectations at the beginning of the year. In May, foreign trade exports increased by 4.2% for the first time. Since July, foreign trade exports have achieved positive growth for four consecutive months, and the growth of total foreign trade exports has also turned negative into positive

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