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Halogen free flame retardant materials should be selected for packaging to reduce the odor of the air in the car. Experts predict the development trend of food packaging

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core tip: Recently, international experts in food packaging have predicted the future of food packaging, which is functional, environmentally friendly The simplified iron ore pellet pressure testing machine can also be used to test and analyze the mechanical properties of other metals, nonmetals and composite materials, which will become the mainstream trend of international sensors into imported and domestic food packaging

[China Packaging News] recently, international experts in food packaging predicted the future of food packaging. Functionalization, environmental protection and simplification will become the mainstream trend of international food packaging

experts believe that aseptic packaging will adopt high-tech and new materials, and the fresh-keeping function will become the focus of food packaging technology development; Non toxic packaging materials are more safe, and printing inks, adhesives, additives, etc. of packaging also pay more attention to safety and environmental protection; Convenience will become the development trend of food packaging, small food packaging will be favored, plastic packaging will gradually replace glass products; The composite flexible packaging made of paper, aluminum foil, plastic film and other packaging materials will show high-grade and multifunctional; The application of petrochemical products will produce auxiliary materials for new packaging raw materials; The acceleration of the pace of social life will make fast food packaging face great opportunities for development; The future packaging design will use more computer technology, and pay more attention to the rationalization of packaging design and the overall lightness of packaging; In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, improving the performance and function of packaging materials, creating packaging with personalized characteristics and market selling points, reducing the consumption of packaging materials and reducing packaging costs will become the key for enterprises to win in the future

in terms of food packaging machinery, experts pointed out that the general trend of food packaging machinery in the future is the continuous application of various high-tech, new machinery and new methods; Its technology will develop towards high speed, high efficiency and high quality; The development focus will be on energy conservation and consumption reduction, reliable quality and performance, advanced control level, good stability, light weight, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, and environmental protection

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