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Packaging enterprises integrate into 2006 all print exhibition

although it will take nearly seven months for 2006 all print exhibition to lift the mysterious veil, its exhibition application has reached a hot point, including special global training and technology centers. More than 70000 square meters of booths are basically sold out, and nearly 10000 square meters of enterprise exhibition application area needs the organizing committee to strive for new exhibition halls to arrange

at present, in addition to all the well-known enterprises in the printing industry at home and abroad, many well-known domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are actively applying for exhibition in a large area, rushing to confirm the booth, and even paying the full booth fee in advance

looking up, there are all the names that are famous in the packaging industry: Fuchong paper industry, Beijing zhenhenri, Zhongshan Songde, Ruian Deguang, plus nearly 9000 new and old workers with industrial injuries and disabilities, Tangshan Shengtian, the main leaders of Qingdao Meiguang company, Xi'an Qinhua, Wu Tai Group, China Germany group... These proud sons of the packaging industry have expressed that they are preparing for the war with all their strength, We must show the best products of our company to domestic and foreign audiences at the 2006 all print exhibition, so as to win glory for China's packaging and printing industry

the new trend of packaging famous enterprises actively integrating people into the all print exhibition made the organizing committee feel a heavy sense of joy. In the face of such trust from packaging enterprises, the organizing committee thought more about how to serve exhibitors well and maximize their benefits. To this end, the staff of the Organizing Committee of all print exhibition frequently appear in the companies of packaging end users, and rush around. Below, we share with you the correct use method of the ring stiffness experimental machine and the usual protective packaging of the equipment. At the exhibition, we are active in the management departments and professional media of the packaging industry, and strive to organize the largest number of professional visitors to visit, so as to serve the exhibitors of the packaging industry in an all-round way

it is reported that the recent appearance of the all Print Exhibition Organizing Committee was at the science and print packaging exhibition held in South China City, Shenzhen, from December 1 to 3 this year. They specially set up a booth for all print exhibition, widely publicized, and won the packaging industry visitors from South China, Hong Kong and Macao to visit next year's all print exhibition

information source: packaging newspaper

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