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Recently, the foundation laying ceremony for the new site of Hunan Yunda green packaging Co., Ltd., the largest paper packaging manufacturer in central and southern China, was held in Li County Industrial Park, Changde, marking that the overall level of Hunan packaging industry has reached a new level

in April this year, Hunan Yunda green packaging Co., Ltd. acquired more than 200 mu of land in Lixian Industrial Park, Hunan Province, invested 160million yuan to expand a 33million square meter cardboard production line and four 1400million color printing production lines that can test products more stably and accurately. The total construction area of the project is 102056 square meters

the project takes energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence as the core concepts, and adopts world-leading new equipment, new materials, new processes and new technologies to contribute to the industrialization process of Hunan. After the completion of the project, Yunda packaging will become the largest comprehensive paper products printing and packaging enterprise in central and southern China. At present, it is the world's smallest known artificial material industry, with an estimated annual sales of more than 500million yuan and tax payment of more than 30million yuan. It is expected to become a listed company within three years

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