China will become the largest intelligent building

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China will become the world's largest intelligent building market

smart home is also known as smart home. When home smart network connects all kinds of home appliances through home bus technology, it forms a powerful and highly intelligent modern smart home system

China's smart home industry rose in the late 1990s. Ccwresearch's Research Report "Research Report on investment opportunities in the field of smart home network" points out that the development of intelligent housing in China has reached 40billion square meters after nearly 10 years of exploration, and is expected to add another 30billion square meters by 2020. The number of intelligent residential districts in China will reach tens of thousands in the next 10 years. China will become the largest intelligent building market in the world in the 21st century

have you thought about it? When you return home, as the door lock is opened, the security system in your home will automatically remove the indoor alert, the corridor light will slowly light up, the air conditioning and fresh air system will automatically start, and your favorite background symphony will play gently. At home, you can control all the appliances in your home with only one remote control. Every night, all curtains will be closed automatically at a fixed time. Before falling asleep, on the panel at the head of the bed, you can touch the "good night" mode to control all lights and electrical equipment that need to be turned off in the room. At the same time, the security system will automatically turn on and be on alert. Just press a key before you go out to turn off all the lights and appliances in your home

in hot summer, you can turn on the air conditioner through the computer in the office before work, and then you can enjoy the cool at home; In the cold winter, you can enjoy the warmth. Start the rice cooker before you go home, and you can eat delicious rice as soon as you get home. If it is inconvenient to use a computer, you can control home appliances as well as calling home. Turn on the computer in the office or on a business trip, and the safety equipment and household appliances in your home will immediately appear in front of you All this is just a small part of what the networked smart home control system can do for you

home intelligence technology originated in the United States. The most representative is X-10 technology. Through X-10 communication protocol, all devices in the network system can realize resource sharing. It is widely accepted and applied because of its simple wiring, flexible function and easy expansion. Automated home is no longer a passive building. On the contrary, it has become a tool to help the owner make the best use of time, making the family more comfortable, safe, efficient and energy-saving

the networked smart home system can provide you with home appliance control, lighting control, curtain control, remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, programmable timing control and other functions and means, making your life more comfortable, convenient and safe

smart home, or smart home, is commonly used in English. Similar to the meaning of smart home are homeautomation, electronichome, e-home, digitalfamily, homenet/networkforhome, networkhome, inte1ligenthome/building, and digital home and digital home in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions

smart home also includes smart bathroom and smart kitchen utensils of injection molding machine with the same capacity as the main product of injection molding. The concept of smart bathroom can better reflect the development direction of smart home. The intellectualization of bathroom products can reduce pollution and save energy. Through intelligent products, water and dirt can be better used and treated, The intelligent toilet can save more paper and automatically treat the excrement, which is then discharged to the city's large sewage treatment system. Intelligent kitchen liberates people from tedious kitchen work. Kitchen utensils controlled by microcomputer can provide appropriate heat according to people's requirements and cook delicious dishes. The scientific diet plan is directly input into the system of intelligent kitchen, which can remind people who want to lose weight of the heat of each meal, and provide recipes for diabetics, so as to achieve the role of dietotherapy

smart home is an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environment-friendly living environment based on residential platform, which combines architecture, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, and integrates system, structure, service and management

smart home can be defined as a process or a system. Using advanced computer technology, network communication technology and generic cabling technology, various subsystems related to home life are organically combined, and through overall management, home life is more comfortable, safe and effective. Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional living function, but also provides comfortable, safe, high-grade and pleasant family living space; The original passive static structure has also been transformed into a tool with dynamic wisdom, which provides a comprehensive information exchange function, helps families maintain smooth information exchange with the outside world, optimizes people's lifestyle, helps people arrange time effectively, and enhances the safety of home life. The organizer expects that the range will reach 500 people, and even saves car interiors for various energy costs. The ultimate user of car interiors is drivers and passengers

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