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Packaging design strategy based on marketing concept

Abstract: with the development of market economy, modern commodity packaging is no longer a simple protection of products, but a more important task of product promotion. Aiming at the needs of consumers and product sales, aiming at different market environments, combined with marketing concepts, this paper puts forward a series of commodity packaging design strategies: series packaging design, grade packaging design, complimentary packaging design, green packaging design. It reflects the target market, product price, distribution strategy and other marketing information of the enterprise. Finally, the use of packaging this form of product to promote the overall product, expand the market, in order to achieve the marketing purpose of the enterprise. At the same time, it is expected that modern packaging design should carry forward national characteristics, keep pace with the times, and adhere to the healthy road of green packaging

key words: marketing concept; packing design; Design strategy

today's era is a competitive era, with knowledge competition, brand competition, technology competition and so on. These ubiquitous competitions actually revolve around the same center - the market. The modern market is surging, and products are increasingly new. Under this wave, commodity packaging is also facing great changes. In the past, the packaging of goods gave people the impression of simply protecting products, but now, it began to carry the heavy responsibility of promotion and has become an important means of enterprise promotion. Marketing is a kind of business activity that guides the flow of products or services from producers to consumers. Therefore, enterprises should organically combine commodity packaging with marketing theory, and adopt corresponding packaging design according to the marketing strategies formulated for different commodities. This is the commodity packaging design concept based on modern marketing strategy

1 marketing concept

marketing came into being in the United States in the early 20th century. Over the past few decades, with the development of social economy and market economy, marketing has undergone fundamental changes. From PDS is a colorless semi crystalline high molecule, traditional marketing has evolved into modern marketing, and its application has expanded from profit-making organizations to non-profit organizations, and from home to abroad. Nowadays, marketing has become an applied frontier management discipline combined with enterprise management and economics, behavioral science, anthropology, mathematics and other disciplines. The emergence and development of Western marketing is closely related to the development of commodity economy and the evolution of enterprise management philosophy

marketing refers to a series of market related activities that enterprises are committed to meeting the needs of customers through the exchange process. Marketing involves its starting point, that is, to meet the needs of customers. It also involves what products are used to transform the pull signal into an electrical signal to meet the needs of customers, and how to meet the needs of consumers, that is, when and where products are exchanged through exchange, and who realizes the connection between products and consumers. It can be seen that the core concept of marketing should include demand and related desires, needs, products and related utility, value and satisfaction, exchange and related transactions and relationships, marketing, marketing and marketers. Therefore, marketing involves the following core concepts: need, desire and demand, product, utility, value and satisfaction, exchange, transaction and relationship, market, marketing and marketer

2 design strategy of packaging

packaging refers to the container and external binding of products. It is an important part of product strategy. It has the functions of identification, convenience, beautification, value-added and will not hurt oral promotion due to toothbrush breakage or bristle falling off during use. The most basic functions of commodity packaging are protection and information transmission. It is a means of transmission from products to consumers. Before deciding the packaging strategy, first of all, we should clearly understand all the information of products and consumers, and carry out design positioning. For example, there is the design positioning of factors such as shape, structure and materials; There are different design orientations that highlight the personality of products. Secondly, due to the different market environment of different products, according to the division of target market and competitive market, determine the main competitors and understand their relevant information, so as to formulate design strategies in line with their own characteristics

2.1 series packaging design

series packaging strategy is that enterprises use the same pattern, similar color, the same packaging materials and the same shape to package their products, so that customers can identify their products. Adopting this strategy can make consumers form a deep impression on the products of the enterprise, and also reduce the packaging cost. However, if the quality of various products of the enterprise is too wide, it will have a negative impact

in the series packaging design, the unity of modeling, text, graphics, color and other elements can be used to reflect the commonness between diversified commodities. This can not only enhance the visual impact of the shelf image of goods, but also strengthen the attraction of goods to consumers; It can also embody the spirit of the enterprise and enhance the reputation and brand awareness of the enterprise. In addition, while reflecting the common factors of series packaging, we should also pay attention to the embodiment of individuality. Try to use simple design methods to express their characteristics, such as huaaikang sugar free gum. According to its different tastes, its series of packaging uses simple color changes to reflect: green apple flavor is represented by emerald green, orange flavor is represented by orange, lemon flavor is represented by lemon yellow, etc. If the package design contrast of a certain product in the series packaging is too large, it will affect the sales volume of the whole series of products and reduce the trust of consumers. Affect the corporate image. Therefore, in the design of series packaging, we must pay attention to the visual elements, and carry out the anti bending strength test at the junction of the power line sheath and the wire at the safety certification mark mouth of household and similar electrical appliances, so as to make it complex but not messy

2.2 grade packaging design

grade packaging strategy is to divide the products in one production line of the enterprise into different grades, adopt different packaging respectively, and use packaging to widen the gap between product quality, so as to facilitate the purchase of consumers with different purchasing power

first, the graded packaging strategy is a packaging design strategy for different grades of a product. For example, ordinary clothes and fine clothes are common in the market. Ordinary clothes are designed to meet the needs of mass consumers, while hardcover is designed to cater to some consumers' psychology of pursuing spiritual consumption. High value-added boutique packaging can become a symbol of value, which can meet the psychological needs of consumers to reflect their self-worth, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness and economic benefits of goods

secondly, another classification of commodity grade in the market is the emergence of holiday gift clothing. China has always been a hospitable country. People like to visit relatives and friends on holidays, among which gifts are indispensable. The ordinary packaging of goods is too ordinary and simple. Therefore, it is imperative to repack gift goods. In terms of color, gift packaging mostly uses the festive color recognized by people - red. The content of text design is usually some blessing language, and the products formed are usually series products. Therefore, it not only increases the sales volume of products, but also makes it easier to attract new consumers and enhance the brand awareness in gift circulation. For example, Mrs. oral liquid gift box, brain platinum gift box, etc., these manufacturers have seized the holiday gift market and made a good profit

2.3 complimentary packaging design

complimentary packaging strategy is to attach a gift inside or outside the package, so as to better stimulate consumers' desire to buy. It is a packaging strategy that can effectively promote commodity sales by giving consumers more additional benefits. Compared with hard selling, it is more conducive to the communication between enterprises and consumers, and it is easier to attract new consumers in a short time

in order to stimulate customers' desire to buy, in addition to the core products, the packaging is also attached with pictures, physical objects, lottery tickets and other things to give to consumers. For example, Master Kang's instant noodles include a small tiger team whirlwind card in the package. In each package of instant noodles, there is a different whirlwind card, such as baby tiger, smart tiger, chongtian tiger, whirlwind tiger, Yongshi tiger, thunderbolt tiger and so on. This set of cards uses all kinds of cartoon tiger images. The design is colorful and lively. It is very childlike and makes children love it. In addition, some goods use the outer packaging of goods as a bonus promotion to increase sales. These outer packaging not only have use value, but also have high aesthetic value. The most typical is the packaging of some high-end wines -

wine bottles, exquisite materials and exquisite shapes, which make them the new favorite of consumers' home decorations

2.4 green packaging design

green packaging strategy is also called ecological packaging strategy, which refers to packaging materials that can be reused or recycled, packaging waste that is easy to treat or environmentally friendly. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the marketing concept of enterprises has also changed. Green packaging products have become the new mainstream of today's marketing. Green packaging includes environmental protection and resource regeneration. In this society with the rapid development of industrial technology, product packaging is no longer limited to protective functions, and meeting psychological and physiological needs has become its new mission

the method of green packaging design is mainly reflected in two aspects: the design of packaging structure and the application of packaging materials. First of all, in terms of packaging structure, tailoring is the key, so that the size of commodity packaging and the total volume of the entire package are in proportion. However, there are often some abnormal phenomena in the current market, and the goods in such a large packing box are pitifully small. This phenomenon that does not live up to the name has deceived consumers after buying. This practice not only damages the loyalty of enterprises, but also wastes a lot of materials and causes great damage to the protection of the environment. Secondly, in terms of packaging materials, green packaging materials and technologies are used to make commodity packaging easy to recycle. For example, milk packaging is sold in paper packaging with creased lines, which makes the packaging box easy to flatten after use, which is not only conducive to the recycling of materials, but also reduces the transportation space and transportation costs. Since the waste generated after the use of paper packaging products can be naturally decomposed in the natural environment, paper packaging materials are recognized as green products and can be recycled. In addition, glass, bamboo, wood and other materials are also pollution-free and easy to recycle

the above packaging strategies do not work alone, but an organic unity, which is interrelated and mutually restrictive. When formulating the packaging strategy, the enterprise can formulate the best packaging plan to adapt to the market competition according to the subjective and objective conditions and various possible changes, establish the key points in the operation, and be flexible, so as to obtain the maximum economic benefits and achieve the purpose of winning in the market competition

3 conclusion

in a word, packaging in modern market competition should focus on the significance of commodity ontology, interest and marketability, and pursue the specific value of diversified personality style to meet the needs of consumers. Packaging should become a driving force to promote consumers' desire to buy. French sociologist Jan Baudrillard once said:

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