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Packaging enterprises should take the road of green marketing to deal with trade barriers

the green trade barriers formed by the packaging requirements in international trade will lead to heavy economic losses for China's foreign trade enterprises. In the long run, it will seriously affect the foreign trade competitiveness of China's enterprises, and even affect the survival of enterprises. Therefore, the construction of China's green packaging system should be based on improving the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, but also to establish domestic environmental protection barriers. In the complex green packaging system, we should pay full attention to the subjectivity of enterprises, speed up enterprise restructuring, guide enterprises to actively participate in international standard certification, and encourage green marketing; Bring the packaging industry into the track of circular economy; Form the industrialization of packaging waste resource recycling; Strengthen the promotion of scientific research and technology application; Implement the joint development strategy; Be good at using the dispute settlement mechanism and actively deal with trade barriers. Building a green packaging system for enterprises requires strengthening green publicity and advocating a social environment of public participation; Promote technological innovation and attach importance to talent training; Give full play to the macro management function of the government and formulate green packaging regulations; Give full play to the coordinating and leading role of trade associations and establish a trade early warning mechanism; Strengthen the research and formulation of packaging standardization and establish environmental protection barriers in China

to establish a green packaging system, we must adhere to the guiding ideology of taking enterprises as the main body. As the micro main body to deal with green barriers, packaging production enterprises and product production enterprises should strengthen green management, establish the concept of green marketing, and strengthen the awareness of enterprises to prevent and overcome green trade barriers. From the perspective of environmental protection, anti pollution and full utilization of resources, through a series of business activities such as market research, product development, market pricing and distribution, and after-sales service, we can meet the green needs of consumers and realize our own profits; Formulate green accounting and auditing systems to promote enterprises to realize the internalization of environmental costs; The development of green products of enterprises should be supported by green technology, starting from the product design, including the selection of raw materials, the determination of product structure, function, manufacturing process, packaging, storage and transportation methods, the use of products and the disposal of product waste, etc. the impact on the ecological environment should be considered

to establish a green packaging system, we should actively participate in the international standard ISO14000 certification. ISO14000 certification is an international standard, which has the function of unifying standards for all organizations in the world, such as industry, commerce and government, to improve environmental management behavior. Therefore, it plays a vital role in eliminating green trade barriers. It is a "green pass" for enterprises to enter the international market and put their shaking hands slightly on the support of experimental machines and break through green trade barriers. Chinese enterprises should actively participate in ISO14000 certification. Since the Uruguay round, with the birth of the world trade organization, Global trade competition has become increasingly fierce, and non-tariff trade barriers have become new trade barriers, especially non-tariff barriers under the pretext of environmental standards are becoming a new trend that hinders trade globalization. At present, there is no unified international standard in terms of green mark standards. However, when selecting the product names of green marks and formulating technical requirements, it is required to be based on ISO14000 series standards. It is precisely because of the consistency of ISO14000 on products and environmental management system that Chinese enterprises can obtain ISO14000 certification, which will help enterprises break through this non-tariff barrier and make Chinese products go smoothly to the international market

a marketing method that takes green culture as the value and green consumption of consumers as the center and starting point, and strives to meet the green consumption needs of consumers. It mainly includes the following contents:

first, pay attention to collecting green information in the international market. There are great differences in environmental protection standards around the world. Understanding the different requirements of different markets is the premise for enterprises to successfully enter the target market of 205000 tons of imported products replaced by high-end polyolefin products such as 3-yuan copolymer polypropylene film, transparent impact polypropylene and rapid prototyping transparent polypropylene. Judging from the general trend, the requirements for environmental protection are becoming more complex and stringent in both developed and developing countries. Therefore, enterprises need to pay close attention to the green environmental protection information in the international market. Without a large amount of green information, green business opportunities cannot be found, and green markets cannot be explored and occupied. Green information is different from general market information and economic information. It includes green consumption information and green resource information. The bolt end should be slightly prominent in nuts, green production information, green regulations information, green organization information, green culture information, green economy information and green competition information. The main channels are: International Consumer organizations, social groups, public places, media, national government departments and some relevant international organizations

second, actively develop green products. Green products refer to products that have little environmental pollution or comply with relevant laws and regulations during the whole process from production and use to recycling and treatment, and are conducive to resource reproduction. This is the key for enterprises to fulfill their environmental protection obligations, and it is also the support point for the implementation of green marketing. To develop green products, we should focus on the following links: green resources, green design, and cleaning. Most sealing machine manufacturers have thought of this: clean production, green consumption, and green disposal

green resources refer to the use of pollution-free, conservation oriented new energy; Green design refers to the design with environment and resource protection as the core concept. It requires the use of new technologies and equipment in the production process and the use of less resources and energy; Cleaner production means to minimize environmental pollution and improve resource utilization in production; Green consumption means that the products do not contain factors harmful to human health and ecological environment during and after use; Green disposal means that the product can be or is easy to disassemble, recycle, renovate or safely disposed of after use

third, strive to establish reverse marketing channels. The concept of reverse marketing is to regard the post consumption field as the production field of products or resources, and take it as the starting point of marketing, so as to seek and determine the target market. If reverse circulation institutions engage in the recycling, regeneration and utilization of waste materials from the perspective of industrialization, it is possible to reduce the cost of renewable resources and obtain considerable profits through large-scale operation and performance management. Under the guidance of this thought, the original recycling system of waste materials should be reorganized and transformed to form a professional reverse circulation industry. In recent years, Haier, Changhong and other far sighted enterprises in China have begun to attach importance to green image and green marketing, but compared with developed countries, there is still a long way to go

the establishment of a green packaging system requires the integration of relevant resources in the packaging field. Green packaging itself contains the content of recycling, which is consistent with the requirements of circular economy. The establishment of a green packaging system requires the support of the government, scientific research institutions and social organizations, the integration of relevant resources in the packaging field, and the establishment of a green packaging production, consumption and recycling system in the packaging industry, with efficient utilization and recycling of resources as the core, the principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling", life cycle analysis as the carrier, and cleaner production as the means, Promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the packaging industry and break through the obstacles of green trade barriers

source: Shenzhen Special Zone News

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