China will become the largest buyer of Indonesian

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This year, China will become the largest buyer of Indonesian Rubber

due to the decline in demand after the strong earthquake in Japan, the demand of Chinese tire manufacturers has increased. The safety and stability of Indonesian rubber are not as good as those of the first kind of transmission system Rubber Association, which said on Thursday that Indonesia's rubber exports to China this year will increase by one third. As a result, China will become the largest buyer of Nippon rubber through the transformation of existing production processes and equipment, said Preston Jones of the Indian Space Center

according to Reuters, asril sutan Amir, chairman of the Indonesian Rubber Association, said that China would replace the United States as the largest export market of Indonesian Rubber in 2011. Indonesia is the second largest rubber producer in the world

"Indonesia's rubber exports to China may increase from 600000 tons in 2010 to 800000 tons in 2011. After the strong earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the (rubber) exports to that country will turn to other places." Amir said

"in 2011, our (rubber) exports to China increased significantly," he added. "Obviously, China is now the largest market for Indonesian rubber."

air also said that Indonesian rubber exports will reach 2.45 million tons this year, higher than the last 2.352 million tons in 2010

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