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Packaging design should maintain personality and grasp humanization

with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, many packaging enterprises have their eyes on foreign markets, but they do not know foreign packaging users. In addition to having high requirements for product quality, they also pay special attention to the humanization of packaging design. For example, European customers generally pay attention to environmental protection and like quantitative packaging; Japanese customers are more introverted and meticulous, and like the packaging design that is easy to operate. Therefore, when designing product packaging, packaging enterprises should fully consider the factors of users, people-oriented, and stand on the users' habits and preferences. Maintain individuality in packaging design, grasp humanization, fully realize its basic packaging functions, meet the needs of users in all aspects, and meet the needs of the development of the times

Wuhan little bee: honey bottle export packaging has knowledge

main content: taking small package honey as an example, in view of the habits of European customers, the tin foil used for sealing the bottle cap has been canceled in the packaging design. Domestic customers generally believe that the tin foil is a sign of product quality and quality assurance. European customers generally believe that the tin foil will bring secondary pollution to food, and the two views are exactly the opposite. According to the habits of European customers, who like quantitative, little bee has developed a plastic package with a pointed nose bottle, which is generally conical in shape and easy to hold by hand, and the bottle mouth is a pointed dropper type

Switzerland launched bagged wine

main content: This bagged wine is developed and used for outdoor travel and sports. It is convenient and easy to use. This product can be used by consumers anywhere at any time. This packaging bag material produced in Switzerland is a unique three-layer composite structure, which conforms to FDA approved materials that can contact alcohol. This kind of packaging bag not only has the attraction of traditional aircraft bottles, but also has the advantages of soft packaging. It is fresh, easy to handle, recyclable, and has good shelf stability and filling

personalized barrel packaging has become an important victory in the market, making the products have smooth, silky and comfortable texture. Key

main content: Jianghan Oilfield salt chemical plant timely improves the packaging and packing quality of bleaching powder products according to the diversity of customer needs and the changing characteristics of the market, and introduces 30 kinds of exquisite small packages, including 2kg, 5kg, 10kg. In the Australian market, the factory launched personalized small packages according to customer needs; In the face of how much Huafeng spandex specifically invests in British and German customers with rigorous style, the factory specially designed a conical barrel packaging according to the customer's requirements, which makes it convenient for the customer to print and store the traceability test results in the computer

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