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Packaging design improves the commercial value of products

there are more than 100 packaging enterprises above the county level in China. With more than 2 million employees, there are more than 3 trillion yuan of domestic goods and hundreds of billions of dollars of export goods packaging tasks every year. The total value of China's packaging industry in 1995 reached 114.5 billion yuan. It ranks 16th among the 30 major industries of the national economy. With the continuous improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and economic development, this huge market and development prospects are in urgent need of a large number of industrial scientific and technological talents and designers, while China's packaging education started late and there is a lack of Limited talents. 5 The hardware and software settings of the correct setting software of the wire torque tester are also transferred from different industries. According to statistics, the number of scientific and technological personnel in China's packaging industry accounts for 2% of the total number of people in the industry, which is far lower than the average ratio of 8% of the technicians in four sets of 16580 hydraulic excavators sold in China's excavators market in 2010. It is far from the proportion of scientific and technological personnel in the packaging industry accounting for 20% of the total number of employees in developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan. This phenomenon determines that China's packaging industry is still a labor-intensive industry. The benefit is not high. It also means that the scientific and technological content of China's packaging industry is not high. Weak competitiveness has seriously hindered the pace of development and progress of China's packaging industry. China's export commodities are often faced with the embarrassing situation of being replaced after leaving the country. The imported goods are reasonably designed and beautifully printed. Its price is often several times or even dozens of times that of domestic goods. We all know. Packaging design can enhance the commercial value of products, accelerate the process of converting products into commodities, and endow commodities with certain cultural value and humanistic atmosphere; It can give people aesthetic enjoyment and reverie; It can promote the survival and common prosperity of mankind and nature. To realize the development of packaging industry and design industry in China, high-quality science and technology and design talents are the key. The emergence of a large number of talents must strengthen the training and investment. Only when the training of talents reaches a certain amount will there be high-quality talents and high-level packaging design works. There is a Chinese saying: only 'three smelly cobblers'. Zhugeliang "is in line with the law of dialectics. When a packaging enterprise with a thousand people scale has only 20 science and technology and designers, we can imagine its competitiveness? Where is its high efficiency? Without the benefits of survival and development, its science and technology investment and innovation ability are almost blank in most places; on the other hand, where is the rapid industrial development of our country in recent years

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