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Packaging equipment included in the 'plan' equipment autonomy has become one of the key points

the Chinese government recently announced the "equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan for direct trial in PVC pipes" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). In the plan, packaging equipment is included in the light industry among the nine industries that implement equipment autonomy

according to the China printing and equipment industry association, the association has made a lot of efforts to include printing machinery in the plan. In January this year, the association organized and held a report meeting on the autonomous products of printing machinery enterprises, and reported 46 autonomous product projects of 22 enterprises to the Ministry of industry and information technology

the plan encourages enterprises to accelerate technological progress and carry out technological innovation with preferential fiscal and tax policies: give full play to the role of value-added tax transformation policies in promoting technological progress of enterprises, and encourage enterprises to strengthen technological transformation; Improve the export tax rebate policy, and appropriately increase the export tax rebate rate of some high-tech and high-value equipment products that are pre inspected first; Encourage the introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, and exempt the key components and raw materials that are really necessary for the production of major technical equipment and products supported by the state from tariffs and import value-added tax

the plan also requires the establishment of a risk compensation mechanism for the use of the first domestic equipment, and encourages insurance companies to carry out the insurance business of the first domestic major technical equipment

affected by the impact of the international financial crisis and the shrinking market demand for printing machine products, China's printing machine industry experienced industry wide losses for the first time in 2008, and the release of the plan will undoubtedly help the development of China's printing machine industry in strengthening price enforcement

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