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packprint, a trade show for the packaging and printing industry, will be held at the McCormick Exhibition Center in Chicago, USA, for the first time from September 11 to 16, 2009, together with print 09, the world's largest comprehensive printing exhibition. With an exhibition area of 49000 square feet, packprint will show a wide range of advanced products, services and information to the audience and packaging printing plants

Ralph, President of GASC? Ralph J. Nappi said: packaging is the fastest-growing push-button field in the printing industry, so it is necessary for print 09 to show the industry the latest packaging and printing technology and the new business opportunities in this field. We arrange different industry exhibitions together in the hope of providing more information and resources to the audience and helping them get the maximum harvest in the shortest time. Therefore, we have launched an audience badge system, with which the audience can freely enter and leave the two world-class events print09 and packprint

packprint will display all products and processes related to packaging and printing, Including:

digital printing

flexible packaging

paper processing

RFID and printing electronics

label printing: paper tape, film and metal foil


die cutting



highlights at packprint Exhibition:

boster (booth 3605) will exhibit a series of post press processing equipment, These include a 41 inch die-cutting machine expertcut 106-ler with a speed of 9000 pages/hour and a folding/gluing machine that can be used on folding cartons that are different if the springs installed on the car have not been strictly tested. Expertfold has an accubraille stamping module, so it can produce both Braille products and conventional packaging

on the 2400 square foot booth, kolber paper link (booth 3600) will conduct on-site demonstrations of a variety of equipment. Kugler womako probind w wire binding machine can complete the production of 35 bundles in 1 minute; Pemco SHM 1650 Dr high-precision paper cutter can achieve higher production efficiency with the help of full-automatic paper receiving and high-speed stacking system

brausse (booth 3622) will exhibit the new generation of 106ce tornado 29 x 41 inch automatic die cutting machine. This device can process 9000 pages per hour and is compatible with all kinds of substrates from tissue paper to B-type corrugated board

for the audience who want to enter the RFID market, the SmarTone T250 wet inlay label assembly machine of bielomatik Jagenberg company (booth 4411) is a product that cannot be missed. It will immediately catch fire in the air or under the action of high temperature. It can transform 6000 groups of pressure-sensitive die-cutting inlays and traditional labels into RFID smart labels in one hour. Also at the booth of bielomatik company, the audience will also have the opportunity to see P32 (2) developed by the company for fast edition and short edition binding, focusing on improving a batch of advanced basic material-49 binding system, which can output 24 to 60 books per minute, five times faster than the current common system

Garrido printing equipment company (booth s-5114) will display more than 20 new models of its own brands, including a fully automatic creasing system, double coil forming and sealing machines, and high-speed punching machines

b r Moll company (booth 4025) is about to display the latest premier 36 folding/gluing system, which is the best and most flexible device in the market today. In addition, the company will also display a folding/gluing system vantage 720 specially designed for straight-line cartons, table labels, envelopes, CD bags and automatic bottom closure boxes

differentiated Graphic Machinery (booth 3613) will exhibit majestic series die cutting machines, hot presses, strippers, high-speed stamping machines, embossing machines, stacking steering machines, and paper breaking machines

at packprint, best OSAKO (booth 3626) will show people how their tenar alpha riding stapler can automatically transfer two different specifications of books in less than 5 minutes. In order to better publicize the alpha series of horse riding staplers, the company will also conduct a live demonstration on the ESTAR alpha horse riding stapling system

young Shin USA (booth 4806) will display a paper conveyor revotec 106sb with a speed of 7500 pages/hour. This paper conveyor can accommodate paper with a maximum size of 41.7 x 29.3 inches. The registration accuracy is +/- 0.004 inches. It is very simple to use, and the operation preparation speed is extremely fast

print 09, which will be held this autumn, is expected to attract more than 650 exhibitors to show their equipment, products and services. The exhibition will be held in the North Hall and South Hall of McCormick Exhibition Center. At that time, the latest technologies in the fields of Commerce, on-demand printing, publishing, packaging and printing will be displayed

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