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Packaging design positioning: making wedding clothes for goods

commodity packaging is becoming more and more important in modern marketing activities. "Packaging" has become the "first impression" of goods into the eyes of consumers, and has become a decision that affects customers' purchase behavior because it meets the purpose of this purchase. In a sense, the positioning of packaging design is actually the positioning of products, making wedding clothes for commodities

packaging modeling positioning is the positioning of packaging shape design, which belongs to the scope of practical art. Modeling positioning has two main purposes: convenience and aesthetics. These two kinds of positioning can win the favor of consumers

in Japan, there is a company called Morinaga, which deals in ketchup. Ketchup is a favorite seasoning in Japan, so its sales volume is very large and the competition is very fierce. Among the numerous operators, Koumi and Morinaga are among the best. For a long time, the brilliance of Koumi is twice that of Morinaga. Moriyong's boss repeatedly studied his shortcomings, but the facts showed that: the quality was the same as that of kegomei, and the advertising was even more than that of his rivals. When unable to find the reason, the boss urged the company's employees to give advice. A salesman introduced that the mouth of the ketchup packaging bottle should be made big enough to put a spoon into it. The boss immediately adopted it and put it into production. The result was very successful, and the sales volume increased sharply. Within six months, the sales volume of Morinaga exceeded that of Koumi. A year later, it occupied most of the Japanese market. The interstitial compound (Fe, Cr, Mo, Mn) 7C3 with 4-element alloy was generated. Originally, the tomato sauce of Morinaga company, like other companies, was packed in glass with the same shape as beer or soy sauce. Because the bottle mouth was too small, consumers had to shake the bottle hard and turn it upside down before the tomato sauce could slowly flow out. However, after Senyong company later enlarged the bottle mouth, it was much more convenient for consumers to use it. It can be seen that there are big articles in the small packaging bottle

there is a rollin rock company in the United States that produces beer. Its business has been good since it was founded in 1939. However, after entering the 1980s, the sales volume fell sharply, and finally had to be sold to the labette family. The new owner of the company is marketing expert John chapel. As soon as schapper left, he made drastic reforms to the company, one of which was to change the shape of beer bottles. He redesigned a green long neck bottle and painted it with conspicuous artistic decoration. It looks like hand-painted, which is very eye-catching among many beers, making Loring rock beer not like a popular product, but a high school quality. This kind of bottle is more suitable as a decoration than a package, and many consumers think the beer in this kind of bottle is better to drink. Later, when the sales of rollin Rock Beer rose steadily, people asked the mystery, and shaper replied, "the green bottle is the key to establishing our competitive advantage."

for many years, the experiment of tasting beer from home blindfolded can be repeated again and again, in order to judge the taste and quality of a certain beer through a large number of investigations. But when beer bottles appeared, beer packaging immediately changed the way people taste beer. The magical power of packaging is an indisputable fact

words are one of the basic elements of packaging and decoration. No commodity packaging can lack words, and all information that cannot be directly expressed by visual images can be expressed by words. Words indicate the brand name of the goods, and introduce the specification, quantity, composition, origin, purpose, efficacy, use method, etc. of the goods. Through the information transmission of beautiful words on the packaging, it will arouse people's interest in commodities, arouse people's Association, and make consumers feel more cordial

in China's milk powder market, imported milk powder accounts for a large market share. By comparison, it can be found that the packaging design of domestic milk powder is not ideal. Not only the color matching on the front of the milk powder bag is unreasonable and the pattern is rigid, but also the content on the back of Mei Lan is strengthening the development of new materials, which is very simple. The contents of imported milk powder bag noodles are very rich, including important matters, precautions, feeding table, consumption and mixing methods of milk utensils, nutritional data, nutrient content table, production date, factory address, etc. as long as there are various materials about feeding infants with milk powder, they can be found on the packaging of imported milk powder. Some people may think it's more useful, but young mothers will think it's absolutely useful. In fact, these materials are the only motivation that has been guiding young parents to buy again. Especially those figures and tables, in the eyes of Chinese people, represent authority and a formal, professional and formal thing. It is these charts and various materials that make young parents very signal this product and believe that the quality of this product is superior

in fact, most of the raw materials used in imported milk powder in the Chinese market are processed from milk juice purchased from China. The milk powder of domestic and foreign brands uses the same milk source, the same processing technology, and almost the same trace elements, but the price and market share are very different. Why? I'm afraid it has something to do with the neglect of packaging instructions by domestic manufacturers. Imported milk powder will tell customers exactly how many grams of milk powder are mixed with how many milliliters of water in the packaging instructions... This negative attitude is actually the best respect for consumption. It is not difficult for us to understand that imported milk powder can successfully occupy China's high-end and middle-end milk powder market, and the various suggestions and guidance of nutrition experts on its packaging instructions are a powerful means of promotion

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