How much is the hottest 5kW solar power generation

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How much is a set of 5 kW solar power generation equipment

how much is a set of 5 kW solar power generation equipment

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how much is a set of 5kW solar power generation equipment

photovoltaic power generation system can generally be divided into independent photovoltaic power generation system, photovoltaic parallel power generation system and complementary photovoltaic power generation system. Photovoltaic array, electric energy converter and control system are essential. In many aspects of electric energy conversion and control strategies, the three have similar and common parts. The roof uses photovoltaic modules (solar cells) installed on the top of the building to convert light energy into electrical energy for electrical appliances. Photovoltaic and building can be combined in the following two ways, both of which can form a power generation system through inverters, control devices, etc. How much is a set of 5 kW solar power generation equipment

photovoltaic power generation specification: 12000 watts

photovoltaic investment cost: 60000 yuan -120000 yuan

photovoltaic power station type: power generation own use

board price per watt: flexible yuan

inverter type: MTTP off inverter

inverter price: price power difference

inverter function: inverter + control

battery specification required: 48v-1250ah

lithium battery standard price: 50000 oceans

types of photovoltaic panels: Flexible/single crystal

system service time: 20 years of component service

annual power generation: 2 50000 degrees

cost recovery time: about 4 years on average

characteristics of the project era: resource development and utilization

standard type of battery: colloid capacity matching

standard price of photovoltaic panel: 2 60000 yuan

board standard voltage: 18V V

single light panel power: 400W

photovoltaic power generation specification: 13000w

5 kW how much is a set of solar power generation equipment

photovoltaic investment cost: 6 10000 yuan

photovoltaic power station type: full sale of electricity

board price per watt: 2.5 softcoin

inverter type: parallel inverter

inverter price: 10 kW/20 kW

inverter function: energy storage control system

Battery Specification: 1350 a 48V

Lithium standard price: 54000 yuan

photovoltaic panel. Next, I want to introduce the method of wedge load test: single crystal/multi Crystal

service time of the system: the average service life of the equipment is 15 years

annual power generation: 27000 kwh

cost recovery time: about 5 years

characteristics of the project era: the installation is relatively simple

standard type of battery: but there are also some enterprises with large differences in the comparison results of quality inspection institutions. Colloid/lead acid/lithium

standard price of photovoltaic panels: 2 80000 yuan

board standard voltage: 36 V

single light board power: 440W

the significance of household photovoltaic power generation is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the large-scale development and utilization of household photovoltaic power generation can effectively alleviate energy shortages and environmental pollution; Second, make full use of idle roofs to install household photovoltaic power stations, and adopt the mode of self use and surplus electricity, which can not only meet their own power demand, but also obtain certain benefits; Third, the investment return cycle of household photovoltaic power stations is generally years, which depends on the local lighting conditions. The digital display can only simply display the experimental data and the system cost, while the life cycle of photovoltaic power stations is as long as 25 years, which can be used as a good financial product. From the beginning of equipment installation, Star Chi new energy has professional staff to help you complete. The later daily operation and equipment maintenance will be included in the service items

how much is a set of 5 kW solar power generation equipment

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how much is a set of 5 kW solar power generation equipment?? The price is for reference only. Please contact manager LAN for details. Li photovoltaic power station, also known as Du Yunnan, will rely on the Myanmar China oil and gas pipeline project to establish a photovoltaic power station. It is a power generation system that does not rely on electricity and operates independently, mainly composed of solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. The electricity from the solar panel flows directly into the battery and is stored. When it is necessary to power the appliance, the DC current in the battery is converted into 220V AC through the inverter, which is a repeated cycle of charge and discharge process. Because this power generation system is not limited by region, it is widely used. It can be installed and used wherever there is sunlight. Therefore, it is very suitable for remote areas without electricity, isolated islands, fishing boats, outdoor breeding bases, etc. it can also be used as an emergency power generation equipment in areas with frequent power outages

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