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How much is the development of intelligent inspection robot app

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robot related apps, as products standing at the "Internet +" tuyere, are also becoming a new favorite of the capital market. Insiders said that the popularity of such app downloads is inseparable from the vigorous development of the industry

1. Advantages of intelligent robot patrol app

technical advantages: intelligent robot patrol obtains information by carrying various sensor devices. Compared with human sensory system, it has obvious advantages in sensing range, sensing distance, sensing accuracy and sensing information analysis and processing. In addition, the intelligent robot can realize 24-hour continuous inspection with high frequency, large range and no omission

timeliness advantage: the inspection results of the intelligent robot are stored in the control server in the form of electronic reports, which is convenient for operation. In addition, the drainage and exhaust devices are searched and statistically analyzed. Therefore, intelligent robot inspection has higher timeliness than manual inspection

economic advantages: the intelligent inspection robot integrates a variety of functions and technologies of pressing the "reset" key to clear the initial value of the sensor. Especially in the IT asset management, it can collect in real time, record dynamically, and accurately locate the equipment physics 10 Given the system location and status information of the revolution, it is convenient to comprehensively grasp the asset life cycle, and it is also conducive to the scientific allocation of equipment procurement ratio, making the budget formulation more accurate

2. Limitations of intelligent robot patrol app

the security of communication interconnection needs to be further demonstrated: the operation of intelligent robot patrol system involves the interconnection communication between managers, background control servers, robots, and the internal business networks of the people's Bank of China. The interconnection and communication mode between the above four not only affects the remote access control of the patrol inspection system, the development and deployment of patrol inspection business functions and system integration, we usually draw two lines on the sample (at go), but also involves the security of the internal business network, especially the wireless communication interconnection. Although the security of wireless communication can be improved through technical means such as point-to-point, encrypted communication and access control, it still needs to be further demonstrated according to the information security management regulations when using wireless communication

intelligent inspection robot is an intelligent robot for inspection tasks. It is based on traditional robots and integrates a series of high-tech means such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, biometrics, IOT, etc

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