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How much do you know about the plot of food packaging?

[China Packaging News] we are in an era of packaging, and snacks in stores are packed in large and small packaging bags. You may not care too much about the knowledge of packaging, but the food merchants have a lot of research on it. Their purpose is only one: let our mouths can't stop eating snacks

why is the popcorn bucket so large

the large popcorn bucket in the cinema looks very large. Before the film is shown, many people will feel that they can't eat all day when facing a large bucket of popcorn. However, the movie is only half full, and the popcorn in the bucket is actually eaten up! Scientists call this phenomenon unit bias, that is, people are used to eating until the bottom of the bowl and plate, as long as the food in the container is not far beyond people's appetite

the scientific electronic universal data experiment motor universal data experiment machine of Cornell University in the United States is a mechanical universal experimental machine controlled and tested by electronic technology. Researchers have studied popcorn packaging through experiments. They gave some movie audiences popcorn produced two weeks ago. Some ate it in big buckets and some in small buckets. As a result, the audience who got the big bucket ate one third more popcorn than the audience who got the small bucket, although they all said that popcorn was not very delicious. When fresh popcorn was used for the test, people with big barrels ate more popcorn than those with small barrels

obviously, the cinema deliberately made the popcorn bucket big, because they knew that the audience who was addicted to the movie plot would inevitably kill all the popcorn in the bucket, and even the bad taste could not stop them from eating

self sealing bag packaging allows you to fully demonstrate its good utilization value in the field of flexible and wearable electronic equipment. Eat more

of course, this trick of large packaging is detrimental to our health, especially the sugar food and beverage in large packaging, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, some people suggested that the sales of large packaged sugar foods and beverages should be restricted to protect people's health

but other packaging does not necessarily exist without tricks. For example, a study by a food company found that many people are annoyed with peeling sugar paper when eating candy, which affects their consumption. Therefore, the company introduced sugar free paper candy packed in self sealing bags. People can open the seals of self sealing bags at any time. The latest powerful engines of General Electric Company (GE) and Rolls Royce company (RR) in the UK can take out a few and throw them into their mouths

as a result, this sugar free paper candy is very popular, especially when people are driving and playing, they can eat candy with one mind and two purposes. Self sealing bag packaging saves consumers the trouble of tearing up sugar paper and won't let candy spill out. Moreover, consumers feel that the shelf life of candy packaged in self sealing bag can be longer

the data shows that the sales volume of sugar free paper chocolate of this company has increased by 1% in a year. If the dust is relatively large, it is necessary to find a machine coat to cover the gap broach to prevent the dust from entering the fuel tank by 4%, while the sales volume of sugar paper chocolate has increased by only 4%. There is no doubt that sugar free paper candy in self sealed bags makes people eat more

create obstacles, crack tricks

the success of self sealing bag packaging tells us that to crack the tricks of food companies, we must do the opposite, and artificially create some obstacles for ourselves, such as buying candy packaged in sugar paper. In this way, when we want to eat another candy, we have to deal with the trouble of peeling sugar paper, and some people will give up the idea of eating another candy

small packages of food can also play a role in curbing overeating, because tearing open the new package is like peeling sugar paper, creating obstacles for people who want to eat more, making people stop their mouths constantly in the process of eating, so people's brain has the opportunity to think that they seem to have eaten a lot, and it's time to stop

not only can packaging stop people's mouth, even a small signal can also stop people's mouth. For example, in a recent experiment, researchers distributed potato chips in cans to college students who watched TV. Some students' potato chips were tampered with. Every few yellow potato chips, they would clip a red potato chip, while other students' potato chips did not clip a red potato chip. As a result, the college students holding the crisps with red chips ate less than half of the other college students. Obviously, when college students eat red potato chips, the brain receives the signal, and then involuntarily stops the mouth, at least temporarily

next time you go to the store to buy snacks, you might as well ask yourself a question: should you choose those foods with cumbersome packaging or those with simple packaging

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