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Agricultural machinery press the "confirm" button three times in a row. How much will the total subsidy decrease by 600million affect the industry

recently, after the consumer warning of "big horse pulling small car" was issued, it was immediately reported that this year, the subsidy fund for agricultural machinery purchase of the central government was planned to be reduced to 18billion yuan. In addition, the subsidy amount for tractors was reduced in the publicity of the list of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in Shandong Province. It can be said that since the beginning of spring this year, the shadow of multiple adverse factors has covered the agricultural machinery industry, which has already been a little "shaky". What kind of answer will the agricultural machinery industry give

at present, I. The total plate has decreased slightly

insiders know that in, the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery from the central government were at a historical high of more than 23 billion yuan. However, in 2017 and 2018, the total capital decreased and remained at 18.6 billion yuan for two consecutive years. Even with the subsoiling subsidy of 2billion yuan/year originally included in the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund, on the whole, it is still much lower than the historical peak. This time, on the basis of the original reduction, it was reduced to 18billion yuan and another 600million yuan, which could not help but make many insiders feel a little uneasy

as we all know, under the incremental market environment of the agricultural machinery industry in previous years, the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery has a great pulling effect on the sales and ownership of agricultural machinery, and it is also one of the important leading forces in the market. Even though the agricultural machinery industry has entered the stock market with slower growth since 2017, farmers in many places still regard the amount of subsidies as an important reference for the purchase of agricultural machinery. It can be said that the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery is still an important driving force for the agricultural machinery sales market

according to the author's judgment, it is reasonable for the total funds of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies to be reduced again. From the perspective of materialism, the emergence, development, peak, decline and extinction of things belong to the normal law. Subsidies have been given to the "purchase" of agricultural machinery, and the initial transition from "inorganic availability" to "organic availability" has been achieved; It has made the agricultural machinery in the hands of farmers accumulate from "increment" to "stock". In the future, the subsidy will be transferred from "purchase" to "operation", and from "organic use" to "organic use". Of course, the subsidies for purchase cannot disappear immediately, and they need to be complementary to the subsidies for operation. Only in this way can China's agricultural machinery industry serve as an important guarantee for food security

II. The use of subsidy funds in all provinces last year

as for why the total subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery decreased this year? The author believes that in addition to the transfer of the subsidy policy mentioned above from the purchase link to the operation link, the progress of the use of funds last year is not ruled out. As early as January 2019, the author learned that from the statistics of the fund use of the provincial agricultural machinery purchase subsidy auxiliary management system, the statistical data of some provinces are not very good-looking. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of defects in the operation, entry, display and other aspects of the auxiliary management system. However, from the perspective of external personnel of the system, the external data of these official systems can still show some problems

many things should not only look at the surface, but also look at things and problems from multiple perspectives. In some places, the use progress of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds can still be fixture, and its test fixture does not have to use hydraulic ring to point. In particular, Qingdao, Jiangxi and other regions have opened apps to handle subsidy procedures as soon as possible, which not only allows agricultural machinery users to run errands less, but also avoids borrowing other people's ID cards to obtain subsidy funds from the application process, which greatly improves the rights and interests of agricultural machinery users and handling efficiency. Of course, these advantages ultimately make the distribution of subsidy funds much smoother, not only the progress of fund use is controllable and considerable, but also can be presented to the outside in a timely manner

according to the author's recent observation, Jiangxi Province took the lead in releasing the subsidy product information in 2019, and opened the subsidy auxiliary management system before the Spring Festival. Coupled with the app launched in cooperation with agricultural machinery 360 to handle subsidy procedures, the province has begun to handle subsidy related work. Later, Gansu Province and other places also did the work related to subsidies early, and carried out the subsidy application, handling, review, payment and other work as soon as possible. For the agricultural machinery industry in 2019, there is no doubt that it is a positive energy for the country and the people

III. The impact of the regulation of "big horse pulling small car" on the subsidy funds of a single machine

the news that "big horse pulling small car" will be regulated this year has been spreading in the market since the Spring Festival. On March 15, the Department of agricultural mechanization and other five units issued the "consumption warning of agricultural machinery products with the problem of" Damara trolley ", solemnly reminding farmers to be sure to keep their eyes open when purchasing agricultural machinery products, and not to be deceived by illegal and bad enterprises to purchase the problem products of" Damara trolley ", which will damage their own rights and interests. This "consumption warning" not only confirms the authenticity of the rumors, but also indicates the prominent problems in the industry in recent years. Of course, it can better illustrate the importance attached by the management organization to this matter

subsidies have been given to the "purchase" of agricultural machinery, and the "inorganic availability" to "organic availability" has been preliminarily realized; It has made the agricultural machinery in the hands of farmers accumulate from "increment" to "stock". In the future, the link of supplementing the selection guide of universal testing machine will be transferred from "purchase" to "operation", and from "organic availability" to "organic convenience"

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