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How much do you know about intelligent building systems

building intelligent system, commonly known as weak current system in the past, refers to the building as the platform, and the three major systems of high-precision building equipment, office automation and communication network, which integrates structure, system, service, management and the optimal combination between them to provide people with a safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient building environment

communication network system

TONG1 is an excellent control function. The communication network system (cns:communicationnetwork system) is a system that transmits voice, data and images in buildings or building groups and is connected with external networks (such as public, integrated service digital, Internet, data communication network and satellite communication, etc.), mainly including communication systems, satellite digital television and cable television systems Public address, emergency broadcast system and other subsystems and related facilities, of which the communication system includes switching system, conference television system and access equipment

information network system

information network system (INS) is a system that applies computer technology, communication technology, multimedia technology, information security technology and behavioral science. It is composed of related equipment to realize information transmission, information processing, information sharing, and carry out various businesses on this basis, mainly including computer network, application software, network security, etc

building equipment monitoring system

building equipment monitoring system (BAS), commonly known as building automation system in the past, is an integrated system composed of centralized monitoring, control and management of air conditioning and ventilation, power transformation and distribution, public lighting, water supply and drainage, heat source and heat exchange, refrigeration and cooling, elevators and other equipment or systems in buildings or building clusters. Its monitoring range is air conditioning and ventilation system Power transformation and distribution system, public lighting system, water supply and drainage system, heat source and heat exchange system, refrigeration and cooling water system, elevator and escalator system and other subsystems

automatic fire alarm and fire fighting linkage system

fire alarm system is generally composed of fire detectors, regional alarms and centralized alarms. When the fire alarm system is linked with various fire-fighting facilities and communication devices according to the requirements of the project, the following software in the central market can only meet the common national standard control system, that is, automatic alarm, automatic fire-fighting, safe evacuation guidance, system process display When a complete fire control system is composed of fire file management, it is called Fas: fire alarm system, which mainly includes fire and combustible gas detection system, fire alarm control system, fire linkage system and other subsystems and related facilities

safety prevention system

safety automation system (sas:safety automation system) to maintain public safety For the purpose of preventing criminal crimes and disasters, the intrusion alarm system, video monitoring system, access control system, etc. composed of electronic information technology, computer network technology, system integration technology and various modern security prevention technologies, or the electronic system or network combined or integrated with these systems, mainly including intrusion alarm system, video monitoring system, access control system, parking garage management system, patrol system, etc

generic cabling system

generic cabling system (pds:premisesdistributed system) is the transmission network inside and outside a building or building complex. It connects the voice, data and image communication network equipment, information network exchange equipment and building equipment automation system inside the building or building group, and also connects the communication network inside the building or building group with the external communication network

intelligent system integration

intelligent system integration (ISI) generally refers to the formulation of this energy and environment development strategy to realize the integration of building management system (SMS) on the basis of building equipment monitoring system, automatic fire alarm and fire linkage system, safety protection system, etc., so as to meet the needs of building monitoring function, management function and information sharing. Through the automatic detection and optimal control of buildings and building equipment, and the optimal management of information resources, we can provide users with the best information services, so that intelligent buildings can meet the needs of the information society, and have the characteristics of safety, comfort, efficiency and economy

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