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How much will the implementation of the "two taxes" affect the plastic industry

since April, the news that the environmental protection tax will be levied and the value-added tax will be reduced by 1% has spread, and the change of the policy has stirred waves in the industry. Then, how will the implementation of the "two taxes" affect the plastic industry

first of all, the environmental protection tax law was implemented in early 2018. According to the tax law, environmental protection tax is declared quarterly, and the environmental protection tax ushers in the first levy period in April. The most important purpose of changing "fee" to "tax" is not to obtain financial revenue, but to establish a mechanism of "enterprises pay more taxes with more rows, and pay less taxes with less rows", and force high pollution and high energy consumption enterprises to transform and upgrade through rigid taxation. In recent years, with the attention paid by the state to environmental protection, enterprises have responded positively to various requirements of environmental protection in production. At present, the implementation of environmental protection tax has little impact on the polyolefin industry with good standardization. Therefore, the theory that the collection of environmental protection tax will significantly increase the cost of enterprises and then transfer it to products is not tenable

in terms of value-added tax, from May 1st, 2018, the value-added tax rate of manufacturing and other industries will be reduced from 17% to 16%, and the value-added tax rate of transportation, construction, basic telecommunications services and other industries and agricultural products that should be highly compatible with the machine will be reduced from 11% to 10%. The value-added tax was reduced by 1%. For products with a ton price of polyolefin products of about 10000 yuan, the price difference per ton according to different value-added tax was about 100 yuan. In April, in the early stage of value-added tax reduction, the market action gradually appeared. Based on the change of value-added tax, the risk of market stock up was relatively reduced. Based on the expectation that the market may weaken in the late May, the domestic maintenance will be concentrated, the output will be reduced, and the market bottom support will be sufficient, Some middlemen purchase inventory from suitable price sources and plan to ship it in May. At that time, there will be a flexible operation space of about 100 yuan/ton. With the end of the month approaching, some merchants' quotations begin to appear two different rdquo; invoicing in the current month and invoicing in May; Price

generally speaking, the collection of environmental protection tax has little impact on industry costs and market changes, but the value-added tax is reduced by 1%. During the tax rate change handover period, there are some flexible operations in the market, the hoarding in April and the release in May, or to a certain extent, the supply of goods in the link is tight, and in the trend market, based on the current plastic supply and demand contradiction gradually highlights, the selection of value-added tax reduction sometimes calls the customer's tangled problems 1% lower, It will have a certain inhibitory effect on the price of plastics

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