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How much do you know about anti-counterfeiting technology

according to the statistics of the international anti counterfeiting intelligence agency, there are five categories of commonly used anti-counterfeiting technologies at present. 5. From the degree of automation of experiments, they are divided into manual experiments, semi-automatic experiments, and fully automatic experiments; Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology occupies the first place

laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology

includes holographic plate making technology, overprint technology, material or transfer technology, etc. Holographic plate making technology is divided into multi-dimensional holographic technology, optical information processing and optical transformation technology, color control multi-channel technology, computer-generated holographic technology, pulse holographic technology; Overprint technology is divided into printing technology and holographic image transfer technology after molding, so as to save cost; Materials or transfer technologies are divided into injection molding holography, food holography, hot stamping holography, perspective holography, polymerization holography, and holographic paper. It is mainly used in product anti-counterfeiting, ID card, banknote and credit card anti-counterfeiting printing. Its characteristic is that it can be made in large quantities, difficult to counterfeit, and easy to integrate with other anti-counterfeiting technologies. According to different encryption technologies, computers, high-power magnifiers, laser pens and keys can be used to identify the authenticity

anti counterfeiting technology of ink and paper

anti counterfeiting ink temperature dependent ink (reversible, irreversible), fluorescent ink (colorless, colored), fluorescent plastic ink (colorless, colored), anti counterfeiting ink and ink pad; Anti counterfeiting paper can be divided into banknote printing paper, watermark paper, fiber paper and safety thread paper. It is mainly used in banknotes, documents, cards, labels, packaging and other fields. It can be made in batches with low price. Special lamps with different wavelengths can be used for detection, and the authenticity can also be tested by listening, watching, heating, freezing or friction

data information anti-counterfeiting technology

common are digital, bar code, machine-readable code, magnetic code, two-dimensional code and electronic chip. This kind of technology includes coding technology, network communication technology, computer technology, high-precision printing technology, inkjet and coding technology, it technology, etc. It is mainly used in the printing fields of product anti-counterfeiting, labels, cards, packaging, etc. Generally, decoders, special software and dialing are needed to identify the authenticity

high energy particle technology

is a new technology rising in recent years. At present, China has independent intellectual property rights of "double card nuclear track" and "heavy ion micropore" technology. Both of these two technologies need to use high-energy particle special control equipment for plate making. The technology has the characteristics of exclusivity, uniqueness and non imitation, but the plate making cost is relatively high, and it should be displayed with the help of holographic film, paper, substrate and other carriers. It is mainly used in confidential documents, documents, product anti-counterfeiting, etc. It needs the help of instruments, colored pens, etc

biological anti-counterfeiting technology

usually includes fingerprint, palm print, lip print anti-counterfeiting, fundus retinal vascular image, human eye iris image, dorsal hand vein image anti-counterfeiting, as well as voiceprint, keystroke dynamics and DNA analysis. It is mostly used in security doors, cards, automatic teller machines, low-grade Baijiu, cosmetics anti-counterfeiting and criminal investigation. The price of detection device is high

in addition to the above common anti-counterfeiting technologies and another equipment technology that can be measured, recorded or controlled by instruments twice, a special express package recycling system has been basically established, as well as anti-counterfeiting technologies such as seals, molecular and material mechanics, spectroscopy, etc. Due to the particularity of seal anti-counterfeiting, several other anti-counterfeiting technologies are not widely used, so they will not be described separately

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