How much is the hottest 150KW diesel generator set

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How much is a 150KW diesel generator set

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how much is a 150KW diesel generator set? With the continuous progress of life. People's living requirements are also getting higher and higher. 3. Estimation and experiment of humidity resistance: there are many wear resistance, strength, compression resistance and even impact resistance are no problems. Energy saving and emission reduction has been a topic of great concern to everyone. Low carbon life is what everyone needs. The market has launched the use of generators to ensure everyone Life has also achieved the results of energy conservation and emission reduction.

this table adopts non electric excitation, which is the generator required by the gas spring test of various models, which can avoid the trouble of electric excitation assembly protection; At the same time, because of the huge layout, once soaked, it can be regenerated on site in only 6 hours; Because of its excellent electromagnetic compatibility, it is not disturbed by thunder and lightning; The efficiency of power generation can also be improved by 10-15%. Because the supporting equipment has the advantages of complex layout, small volume and light weight, the parts and equipment adopt the style of trailer, which has the characteristics of agility and agility. The pickup truck can be towed, and the displacement can be stopped by manual dragging on site

danizawa power to150000et detailed parameters

1 Technical standard

additional input kW 150 160

maximum power kw 170 180

additional frequency Hz 50 60

additional voltage V 380/220

additional speed, then it may directly infringe the instrument RPM 1500 1800

number of phases: single-phase three-phase

starting style: electric starting

power factor: 0.9/1.0

scheduling style: AVR (active voltage scheduler)

noise level lp7m: db

frequency adjustment: (%) : ≤ 0.5 (steady state)

voltage fluctuation: (%) : ≤ 0.5

steady state speed adjustment% ≤ 1%

engine technical parameters:

power model: yototi150000

brand: danizawa power

cylinder diameter: 6*132*143mm

displacement: 6.4l

cylinder arrangement style: in-line arrangement

number of cylinders: 6 cylinders

cooling style: closed water circulation cooling


oil supply mode: direct injection

speed regulation mode: electronic speed regulation

air intake mode: day Naturally aspirated

engine oil model: 15w/40c3 Process realization d

fuel model: 0 # light diesel oil

diesel oil tank: 200L

unit fuel consumption: 206g/kw? H

smooth oil tank: 17L

motor technical parameters:

motor model: to1500000 et

additional power: 150KW

additional current a 681.2/395

wiring style: three-phase four wire Y-shaped connection

protection grade: IP22

insulation grade: H grade

other construction:

unit overall dimension (L B H): 2800*1100*1600

unit weight (kg): 1800

low oil pressure alarm fragmentary can actively close the engine

electric starting ensures that the unit can be started quickly

the new voltage active scheduler ensures the safe and stable input of voltage

2. Performance standard:

international standard certification ISO9001:2000

industry performance standard gb/t2820

(International) 12 months or 1000 hours of cumulative operation after the unit passes the commissioning acceptance; Whichever comes first

because of the performance of production and quality, charge for maintenance or replacement, and work with compensation all your life! (vulnerable parts, frequently used parts, compensation damage, neglect of maintenance, etc. are not within the scope of warranty)

if they are adjusted by the original factory, they shall be performed in accordance with the original warranty regulations

as for after-sales like this generator, routine operation will not show any results. If there are some small results in vulnerable parts or reward operation, danizawa after-sales technology will directly help you deal with them, and we will send you the accessories by express. If there are major problems in machinery, such as power or motor, no matter where you bought your machinery, it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance, During the warranty period, only if all the costs caused by the mechanical quality performance are borne by our manufacturer

4. Product after-sales: how can I get the goods after buying danieze generator

answer: customer service replied that "daniaze" brand generators are mainly logistics consignment, and collaborative logistics is the world's largest logistics, etc. If they don't come to the logistics point from you, we will take other special lines for logistics, and the machinery will be guaranteed for one year! Lifetime supply of accessories and device protection

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