How much is the hottest 40kW gasoline generator

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How much is a 40kW gasoline generator

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how much is the main gasoline generator, small gasoline generator, diesel generator, 40kW gasoline generator u toto, household gasoline generator, portable generator, variable-frequency gasoline generator, high-power diesel generator, power welding machine, power generation and welding machine, power generation and welding machine. It is one of the top 500 enterprises in the National Machinery Industry and one of the top 10 enterprises in the internal combustion power generation equipment industry, and adopts Chinese foreign collaborative technology Production, with strong technical force and equipment advantages, electric seasonal system, noise reduction and other aspects, the company has passed the most stringent European Enron certification standard - CE certification. The company has passed ISO9001:2000, gb/t, international quality management fragmentary certification, CCC compulsory product testing results reliable product certification and a number of gs/ce/epa/carb/ul/etl certification. It has undertaken a number of national scientific research projects, and its products have completely independent intellectual property rights

[reason for recommendation]: large and easy to use, low fuel consumption, economic and practical, easy to carry, emergency equipment

[after sales maintenance]: one year warranty, Bi (4) release the residual oil in the oil tank and protect it

[company name]: Shanghai oubaoshi can realize various modes of closed-loop control industry limited company

[company address]: No. 818, Yecheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

[registered bank]: Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Jiading Branch

[deposit bank]: Shanghai oubaoshi industry limited company

[bank account number]:

[tax number]:

[contact]: Zhu Ming


[contact morality and Law]:



[business style]: purchase and sales treaty Alipay business

[business form]: transfer, Alipay, cash, cheque, swipe card

[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, 24-hour delivery in the world

[main business of the company]: gasoline generators, digital frequency conversion silent generators, diesel generators, self-priming pumps, power generation welding machines, liquefied gas generators and other after-sales services: all gasoline generator sets of various models purchased in daniaze power will make the following warranty commitments to all purchase customers:

1 If the production and quality results are presented within seven days after shipment and cannot be repaired, the new products can be replaced without preconditions, except for the quality results caused by customers' improper use

2. The three sales are of practical significance to the development of raw materials for auto parts. If the quality results are presented within a month, in addition to the quality results not only caused by the customer's use, if the customer can repair by himself, the manufacturer will stop changing the parts required by sending the charge. If he cannot repair by himself, he can send them back to the manufacturer for repair

3. In the process of utilization, customers should strictly follow the provisions of the statement for accurate utilization and maintenance. Within three months, if it is the result of production and quality, all accessories and maintenance costs shall be undertaken by the manufacturer; If it is due to improper use, or more than three months, customers only need to be responsible for accessories and mailing costs. So as to relatively ensure that you have no worries

4. The company sells all machinery, charges debugging and trains its operators to use

5. The sold units are entitled to one year of charged maintenance and repair services from the date of sale (except normal consumables)

6. After the warranty period, durable supply of spare parts and maintenance services

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