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Xingbang helps BOE build the world's highest generation line construction project

Xingbang helps BOE build the world's highest generation line construction project

China Construction Machinery Information, The construction of this project is closely related to Xingbang machinery

Xingbang helps BOE build the world's highest generation line construction project

BOE Hefei generation 10.5 line project is the world's first generation 10.5 TFT-LCD production line, which will establish BOE's leading position in the industry after completion. The construction area of the project is about 1.28 million square meters, equivalent to the area of five bird nests. Such a huge construction project and so many plant building projects naturally need the help of advanced operation equipment. Purchasing aerial work vehicles with stable performance and flexible operation can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and greatly improve the construction efficiency and safety index

Xingbang helps BOE to build the world's highest generation line construction project

the reliability and safety of the machine has become the preferred product condition for BOE's construction party. As the earliest aerial vehicle manufacturer in China, Xingbang heavy industry has won unanimous praise from the purchaser for its mature manufacturing process, flexible and convenient operation, perfect after-sales service and excellent cost performance, and has become the necessary aerial equipment for BOE

the Xingbang scissor fork high-altitude operation platform is flexible, stable and reliable, with strong power and strong site adaptability. The platform has automatic alarm protection, which can prevent extrusion accidents, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock or machine damage. Compared with the traditional manual platform, it greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the number of operators and labor intensity, and effectively ensures the safety of operators

Xingbang assists BOE in the construction of the world's highest generation line construction project

only by strong cooperation can we create the maximum benefits, which is vividly reflected in the cooperation between Xingbang and BOE. Here I wish BOE the successful completion of the production line construction project when all accessories (such as jaws, indenters, pendulums, etc.) on the 10.5 generation TFT-LCD generator 7 and the experimental machine are not in use. (this article is from Xingbang heavy industry)

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