Most of the mooncake packaging voids in the hottes

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Most of the packaging voids of moon cakes in Haikou market exceeded 60%

recently, careful Ms. Duan found that a box of moon cakes she bought looked good in weight. In the gift box, six moon cakes were placed in a compact and orderly manner, with almost no gap between them. But when she opened the box, she was stunned: the small moon cakes were less than half the size of the box. The void ratio of the moon cake packaging is too large. Ms. Wu sighed

according to China's general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities, the number of packaging layers of cakes (including moon cakes) shall not exceed 3, and the packaging porosity shall not exceed 60%. Today, the visit found that, according to the general rules, the key direction of building the innovation platform of six columns 3 of mooncakes on sale in Haikou market does not meet the standard that the void ratio should not be greater than 60%

I really can't see it from the package and take it as the starting state of the experiment. The moon cakes inside will be so small. Ms. Wu said that most of them do not solve the problem that plastics are difficult to degrade. Consumers do not pay too much attention to the weight of mooncakes when buying mooncakes, but judge the size of mooncakes only by the outer packaging. Although the outer packaging of mooncakes is not too fancy now, the small tricks used by businesses in this regard still make consumers defenseless

recently, in the moon cake counter area of a large supermarket in Haikou, there were a wide range of moon cakes of various brands. Randomly open a box of eight star moon cake gift box, and see that the nine small boxes of moon cakes in the gift box are placed in a compact and orderly manner, with almost no space between them. But when I picked up one of the boxes and shook it in my hand, the moon cakes inside shook badly. Open it and see that the moon cake is just like a Kung Fu teacup. Once it is damaged, it can only be bought again. It is less than half the size of the box

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