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On October 28, chaitianyou, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the academic committee of Northeastern University, visited Nankai University and delivered a report entitled "the challenge of manufacturing process intelligence to artificial intelligence" to our teachers and students in Jinnan campus. This event, sponsored by the school of artificial intelligence of Nankai University, is one of a series of activities commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nankai University

academician chaitianyou analyzed the different characteristics and development goals of process industry represented by raw materials and energy industry and discrete industry represented by mechanical manufacturing, the development vision and core technology of intelligent manufacturing represented by German industry 4.0, and the connotation and development vision of intelligent manufacturing of process industry aimed at achieving high efficiency and greening of process industry, The meaning and development vision of the key manufacturing process of intelligent manufacturing are put forward. By analyzing the role of artificial intelligence technology in the industrial revolution and the characteristics of manufacturing process, this paper puts forward the scientific problems that the intellectualization of manufacturing process challenges artificial intelligence in the fields of perception, cognition and decision-making

the important problem for Fang Yongchun of the Institute of artificial intelligence is to choose the correct connection solution professor to preside over the activities. The teachers and students of the Institute of artificial intelligence listen carefully and interact with academicians. Since its establishment, the College of artificial intelligence has continuously increased the strength and level of foreign exchange, and has successively invited many domestic and international well-known experts to give lectures, which has set off a new upsurge of artificial intelligence in the college

Chai Tianyou, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, expert in control theory and control engineering, IEEE fellow, IFAC fellow. He was a member of the technical Bureau of the International Federation of automatic control (IFAC) and the chairman of the IFAC manufacturing and Instrumentation Technical Coordination Committee (). He is currently the director of Academic Committee of Northeast University, vice chairman of China automation society, and chief editor of Journal of automation. He has long been engaged in basic research and engineering technology research of complex industrial process control, optimization and integrated automation. More than 110 papers have been published in IFAC journal and IEEE Journal. More than 90 doctors and 240 masters have been trained. They have been invited to work in international conferences and the other end of the sample is clamped in the lower clamp. The conference has invited more than 30 reports and won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards

academician chaitianyou's sharing of cutting-edge technology research in artificial intelligence related fields has provided valuable suggestions for the development of the artificial intelligence discipline of Nankai University and the construction of the Artificial Intelligence College of Nankai University into a safe, reliable and first-class talent training base and scientific and technological innovation base in the field of artificial intelligence in China. 10. At present, lithium salt is mainly controlled by a few enterprises

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