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Diesel engine SCR technology "ranks first among the latecomers"

in the face of EPA 2010 (American heavy duty diesel engine emission regulation, equivalent to Euro VI), which is about to come to the tensile testing machine enterprise and should not only become a partner with instrument and equipment enterprises, it is sooner or later to make a choice on the emission post-treatment technology. Is cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) used? Or selective catalytic reduction (SCR)? It will be a difficult decision for other engine manufacturers except for those who only supply a specific truck brand (truck companies have made a good choice for them)

choice: EGR was welcomed at the initial stage

except caterpillar, almost all engine manufacturers have adopted EGR Technology. However, in 2007, even caterpillar used EGR in its ACERT engine. In order to reach epa2007 (equivalent to Euro V), the EGR engine is also equipped with a particle trap (DPF), which is popular in the United States

most engine manufacturers in Europe have used SCR for many years (both man and Scania are used, but they focus on EGR). Its main advantage is that the fuel utilization of SCR engine is increased by about 3% (compared with EGR engine). The experience of the EU has proved this. It is understood that the price of urea is more than half that of diesel. However, recently, the price of both waste plastic particles has been soaring in short supply. Ironically, truck engine enterprises using SCR will also adopt EGR Technology, including the use of particle traps

reality: SCR and EGR are divided into two groups

in fact, the truck market has been divided into two groups around these two technical routes. "SCR pie" includes mark, Volvo, Detroit Diesel engine, and Duff (Duff is pakaa company, and its new engine will be launched in 2010); "EGR group" includes Cummins, Wanguo and Mann (the latter two jointly developed maxxforce, a heavy-duty diesel engine). EGR faction said that it would continue to use EGR plus DPF on highway trucks, even without adding post-treatment equipment. At present, it is reduced to 43.5%. The requirements of EPA emission regulations can be met through in-flight purification, especially high-pressure fuel injection technology

caterpillar did not say how to achieve epa2010, because they will withdraw from the highway truck engine market at the end of 2009

Chris Patterson, President and CEO of Daimler truck company in North America, is an SCR school. Patterson said, "from 2010, we will use Daimler's blue Tec technology on Detroit Diesel engines. This technology is... The only way to meet the nitrogen oxide requirements of epa2010, and at the same time, it can reduce fuel consumption."

the advanced Deputy experimental system of Daimler truck North America needs to be durable. Mike Delaney, President, also said: "the blue Tec system uses SCR technology to improve fuel efficiency by 3-5 percentage points." It is understood that blue Tec has been used on thousands of Mercedes Benz trucks

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