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In 2018, Shuanghu wooden door will achieve leapfrog development and establish a new intelligent production base in Chongqing Dazu Longshui home furnishing Industrial Park. At present, the construction period is in full swing, and it is expected to be completed in the first half of this year

after the completion of the new intelligent production base, Shuanghu wooden door will enter the track of rapid growth in production capacity and output value, and the development of the company will also move towards a higher and broader development platform

Shuanghu wooden door has been focusing on the manufacturing of high-end wooden doors. Driven by strong brand strength and marketing resource integration, it has developed rapidly. In recent years, Shuanghu wooden door has invested heavily in production expansion, equipment upgrading, talent introduction and training, and is committed to continuously improving product quality through intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation, and making unremitting efforts to promote enterprise development

Chongqing Dazu Longshui home furnishing Industrial Park is located in the hinterland of Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone and is a Chongqing characteristic industrial park approved by Chongqing Municipal People's government. At present, the park has dozens of representative enterprises, including Shuanghu wooden gate. Convenient transportation and superior geographical advantages can effectively help the development of Shuanghu wooden door industry

after years of honing, Shuanghu wooden door has never forgotten its original intention of "providing users with products that can be purchased once and enjoy life". All our efforts and changes are aimed at providing users with a high-quality home environment




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