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When designing the inner balcony, the following four points are mainly considered:

(1) when closing the balcony, the lower opening of the window is the most prone to water seepage. The usual practice is to reserve a 2cm gap under the window, and then fill it with cement. It is best to seal it with a special foaming agent to avoid water seepage

(2) it is better to choose stone as the sill plate, because compared with wooden sill plate, stone has the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen and non cracking

(3) the floor laying of the inner balcony is consistent with that of the room, which can expand the space

(4) there are many methods for the ceiling of the balcony. Grape trellis ceiling, painted glass ceiling, decorative false beam, etc. If the area of the balcony is small, you can use the ceiling to avoid downward pressure

when designing the outer balcony, the following three points should be considered:

(1) the color matching of wall and floor tiles should be coordinated with the outer wall. The size of floor tiles and wall tiles should be determined according to the area of the balcony, and the floor drain should be reserved in case

(2) some flower racks can be made on the balcony, which can not only plant flowers and plants, but also place bonsai, or raise birds and fish. Generally, a water bucket is installed for watering and cleaning

(3) on the top of the balcony, a lifting clothes rack can be installed, which is beautiful and convenient

the balcony is a place for home to communicate with nature. Whether it is a large balcony of dozens of square meters or an area of only a few square meters, just a little effort, planting a few pots of flowers and plants, or building a small pool, can create a place for people to enjoy a moment of leisure and relax

nowadays, balcony design styles are diverse. Japanese balcony design, which is characterized by simplicity, freshness and softness, is relatively common. The materials used in Japanese design are mainly natural pebbles and stones. The color matching is elegant and simple, giving people a simple, quiet and comfortable feeling




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