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In the new spring, we must welcome the new year with the best mood. Having a newly decorated home is a particularly exciting thing. People familiar with the decoration industry know that there are many benefits of choosing to decorate a house in spring. Let's talk about the benefits and precautions of decorating a house in spring

◆ the advantages of house decoration in spring are obvious

the temperature in spring is moderate, which is conducive to air circulation. Generally, it will not be too cold or too hot, which can avoid the feeling of abnormal fatigue of decorators in the decoration process. At this time, the coating dries faster, and the coating period of the whole wall is generally shortened by threeorfour days

the warm weather in spring makes the coating adhesion better. High quality coatings have strong adhesion and good elasticity. It is suggested that owners should make a choice after comparison and inquiry when purchasing coatings

when decorating in spring, the installation workers must be asked to leave enough gaps when paving the wooden floor, so that the floor is not easy to warp in summer. You need to be reminded that the humidity of the wood must be maintained after entering the site. If the wood is too dry by the wind, it will be difficult to resist the test of humidity in July and August

just after the Spring Festival holiday, the decoration personnel are energetic. The designers of the decoration company are energetic and open-minded after the holiday. They will not work as tired as at the end of the year. The physical strength of the construction personnel is also better, which can avoid potential safety hazards and make the project more meticulous

decoration in spring can save decoration costs. At the beginning of the new year, many decoration companies and building materials manufacturers will launch some promotional activities in order to show a new look and new products. Decoration companies will launch some preferential activities, and building materials dealers will sell at a discount the materials that were not sold out last year, so that new products can seize the market and improve the user experience. These factors can save a lot of decoration costs for families who choose to decorate their houses in spring

◆ precautions for house decoration in spring

located in the northern region, it is relatively windy in spring, so when painting, it is necessary to prevent dust from falling into the paint, which will cause paint film granulation and affect the effect of home decoration. At present, many new houses use new insulation walls with internal insulation layers, which are prone to latex paint drying and cracking in decoration. In this case, elastic decoration materials can be used to treat the wall base. For example, some special putty can make up for wall cracks to a certain extent

in addition, attention should also be paid to dampproof during construction in spring. If the moisture-proof is not done well, the wood is easy to deform after autumn. Once the wet materials are transported to the construction environment, it is difficult to fully air dry, so all kinds of materials should be in order when entering the site. Don't worry about moving all the decoration materials into the new house




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